Awesome Young Adult books

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

The second book in the Hunger Games series. Just as dark, just as action packed, just as awesome. This author knows a thing or two about suspense and is insanely good at ratcheting up the horrific stakes. I can’t really go into details, except that its like reading an action movie. A really good action movie.

Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters.

The second one in the Generation Dead series. This one was overall sadder than the first, due to the stuff that happened in the first one, but as an examination of discrimination, minorities and the horror of racism it’s fantastic. Something about the writing is very visual as well, I can totally see it as a movie.

Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr.

Third in the Wicked Lovely series, it felt a little bit like a difficult middle child. Our kick-ass herione Ash became a bit emo in the absence of Seth, who is off making stupid decisions. Lots of politics, lots of set up for the final book.

The Carbon Diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd.

Slight departure from the earlier titles. Set in the future, this book chronicles one girl’s experiences of the first year of Carbon Rationing, which England is trialling after a number of extreme weather events. Her parents can’t really cope with the loss of their car, her father, a travel agent, loses his job because no one can afford the carbon credits it would take to leave the country. It made me want to conserve energy, but we already do quite a lot of that. I guess imagining how bad it *could* be does make you want to prevent that happening.

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking book 1)

Strange. Hard to explain. Sci-fi. Todd has lived his whole life in Prentisstown, which is only populated by men. Prentisstown is on the New World, when settlers arrived in their spaceships they ended up upsetting the native aliens. The aliens fought back by releasing germs…one lot of germs infected the animals the settlers had brought with them, and gave them the ability to talk. The second lot of germs killed all the women and half the men. The remaining men were given the Noise. That is, all the things they think become audible to everyone around them. Images and words bombard everyone around.


It’s also very exciting, as Todd discovers that everything is not as it seems and the book becomes more or less an action movie. Won’t say anything more, except that Todd’s conversations with his dog are adorable and funny.

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