Things I Love Thursday

Hmm, slow blogging week. Sorry guys!

Lots of great stuff this week. Let’s see, lunch (and dinner) with friends, awesome roleplaying (Fall report coming soon), presents! Free Mr Whippy ice cream, making things and giving them away, snuggling into bed which is way more comfy since we took off the electric blanket, thinking about and planning Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol, the Spring Awakening soundtrack, sunshine, reading, doing what I like, facebook and photos.

My new “I ❤ shooting zombies" T shirt, feeling like I'm on holiday already and getting my hopes up.

What are you in love with today?


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. TILT – visits from friends, and awesome pressies (Freyja’s given her monkey a kiss – well, chewed his ear – this morning), sun, holiday fast approaching, Sweets fast approaching (even if it doesn’t feel fast for Sweets’ mama & papa), baby grins and giggles

    Merry Xmas!! 🙂

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