Fall actual play – Hospital Drama

Over the opening credits, a montage of the characters having dinner. Alex’s family is awkward, not talking much over dinner. Megan is having another dinner with her mother and Jim Lock. Darius sits alone at his dinner, Nebby sits on the floor and watches. Calvin is actually eating with other people for once, laughing with Martha and Gina.

After dinner Alex goes upstairs to lie on her bed and stare at the ceiling while listening to Evanescence. Megan is watching a heist movie with her mother and Jim, getting more and more uncomfortable with their snuggliness.

After a while Alex gets restless and calls Darius, asking if he’d like to go patrolling with her. He emphatically declines. Darius has a much more awesome night planned: sitting on the couch watching Battlestar Galactica.
D:Hey, we found something that kills vampires when they drink your blood.
Alex: What?

So Alex calls Calvin.
C: Yeh?
A:You busy?
C: nuh
A: you….wanna go patrolling?
C: Yeah.
A: Cool.
C: So, meet you where?
A: cemetery.
C…be more specific?

Alex calls Megan who is desperate to leave the house and agrees immediately to join them.

They meet up at St Mary’s cemetery, the weather is cold and miserable. Calvin has a new coat.
A: Nice coat.
C: Thanks. Oh. *Hands her a bag containing the pink camo flak jacket he bought her last ep*
M is stunned, but takes the bag:…thanks.

Calvin catches them up on what hunting with Haruni was like

A, scathing: they decided to drink interdimensional tea.
M: right, but Haruni made it yeah?
A: yeah.
M: so it will be alright.

They hear a scream, from the other side of the wrought iron fence. Alex vaults over it. Megan and Calvin go looking for a gate. Down a nearby alley there is a man with mismatched clothes being attacked by a large hairy creature. It is holding the man by the throat and shaking him trying to break his neck. Alex, although she cannot see very well, throws her machete at it, hitting the monster in the shoulder. The monster turns to look at Alex, then two more advance out of the shadows. Alex turns and runs back the way she came.

Three big hairy monsters come out of the alley. Calvin, who is distracted, doesn’t see them immediately. Megan sees them but cannot speak from fear. They skid to a halt. Calvin asks Megan what’s going on. She manages a wordless shriek. Calvin bolts in fear, since he was expecting to see a vampire, not three giant hairy beasts very close by. (Plus I failed his fear check by like, a zillion points.) The beasts haven’t chased Alex, because she jumped back over the fence and they can’t follow. The beasts can smell Calvin’s fear and give chase, two following him and one following Megan.

Calvin is tackled to the ground, taking rather a lot of damage from the claws and the impact. The third beast tackles Megan. Her new pink camo did reduce the damage a fair bit. Alex sees her friends go down and comes back to the monster side of the fence. Megan pushes back on the creature and breaks free.

Calvin gets free of the one pinning him, scrambles to his feet and tries to get his back to the fence, however Dan told me to do another fear roll and I rolled a 1. Calvin falls to the ground, whimpering, he curls into a ball. Alex tries to break one of the beasts’ neck but gets a bad roll too, the aim is off and her hands can’t get a grip. Alex punches it out, and since its the one with the machete in its shoulder it falls down.

The third beastie is about to attack Calvin when it sees that Alex has punched out its friend and hits at Alex instead. It slashes at her face. She kicks back at it, but the damage isn’t enough to take it down. Megan has gone full defensive, but the monster is too strong and hits her again, she’s taken massive amounts of damage at this point and passes out from blood loss.

Calvin snaps out of the fear coma when he sees a police car approaching and gets up, sneaking up behind the monster attacking Megan. He swings his axe and hits it with righteous fury for lots of damage. The monster runs off in a panic (yipe! yipe! yipe!). The remaining monster sees this and runs off also, Alex tries to attack it as it goes past but misses. (Because the fight, in case you haven’t been able to tell, has been a bad dice one. Which is frustrating for us, but good for the drama.)

Calvin: There’s a police car coming, we should uh, get out of here.

Alex picks up Megan and they go back into the cemetery to hide. While they skulk in the shadows Calvin first aids Megan rather well (for him). Alex carries Megan to the back of Calvin’s car, gestures for him to get into the passenger seat and drives Kermit to the hospital.

They get to the hospital and Alex spins a story about getting attacked by wild dogs. Megan is whisked to ICU and Calvin is given happy drugs to take the edge off.

In Calvin’s room Alex is hovering next to him when Martha comes in, really worried about Calvin. She demands to know what happened, and Alex spins the wild dogs line, which Martha doesn’t buy. Darius comes in too, having been told he can’t visit Megan in the ICU.

Calvin: It might have been a werewolf. Shoot, did it bite me?
Alex looks uncomfortable, she was bitten by the thing.
Darius checks the net on his phone and locates the phases of the moon: It’s a new moon.
Alex: don’t be silly Calvin, there’s no such thing as werewolves.
C: Martha knows.
A: Oh yeah.
Calvin turns to Darius: They were scary.
Darius eyes up Calvin’s various wounds: I believe you.

Mason bursts into Calvin’s hospital room.
Mason: whoa!
Calvin: how did you know???
Mason: Martha called me.
C, suspicious: Uh….huh.
Mason: Dude, what happened?
Calvin: Wild dogs. They were big.
Mason: whoa. Dude.
Calvin: But Alex is OK! (He grabs Alex’s hand.) See?
Mason double takes at Alex being there. Mason: Huh?
Alex tries to take her hand away but Calvin grabs it again: you can sit down.
Alex sits down next to Calvin, looking rather uncomfortable about Mason seeing this.

Mason goes to get Calvin a drink and they talk about what it was that they fought. Alex tells Calvin to go to sleep.
C: Yep, but…did anyone…Megan’s health insurance?
A: her mother is here, so yeah.
C: Yeah…is it any good?
A: I dunno.
Calvin turns to Martha: could you check?
Martha gets up, pats Calvin on the shoulder. He gives her a big dopey smile. She leaves. After Calvin falls asleep Alex extracts herself leaves the hospital with Darius. Darius is feeling helpless and a bit guilty that he wasn’t there, so Alex convinces him it’s research time. They swing past the cemetery and check out the dead monster so that Darius can get a look. They end up packing the body into the back of his station wagon and bringing it home.

Back in Darius’s magical library they do the research thing and discover that the big hairy angry beasties were hell hounds. Alex crashes out on Darius’ couch. He stays awake a little longer to find out if they have any weaknesses. Alex is woken by an enthusiastic licking from Nebby. She throws him partially across the room because she’s half asleep. He takes this as an invitation to play and grabs hold of her boot and fake growls.

Alex heads into the hospital to visit Megan and overhears Aurora and Tiffany planning their intervention.
A comedic Aurora and Tiffany scene follows, which is also kind of tragic given the lack of caring they have for Megan’s actual feelings and situation.

Aurora: I feel like you are hanging out with geeks. And that’s not good.
Tiff: Alex used to be cool, when she was dating Mason but since they broke up…
A: Yeah, since then she’s nothing.
T: Oh and Darius.
A: I don’t even think he’s gay.
T: If you were dating Calvin…
A: yeah, that would be OK.
T: but you’re not.

They explain how they want to help her out but Megan cuts them off, suggesting that she might as well just quit the cheerleading squad. Aurora protests but Tiffany points out that if Megan leaves they would be promoted to co-captains and they both agree that Megan quitting would be the best solution. Unnoticed by the suddenly very happy cheerleaders, Megan sheds a single emo tear. Before they leave Aurora writes on Megan’s arm cast ‘<3 Cheerleaders 4 life!'

Alex, who has heard all of that, comes in and asks Megan if she's alright. Explains that she was mauled by a wild dog if anyone asks and tries to comfort her. Megan asks after Calvin.

Alex moves to Calvin's room and has an uneasy conversation with Martha.
Martha: So…How's school?
Alex: I don't know, I don't really go anymore.

Darius comes in: Hey, brain buddy!
Martha: I'm not your brain buddy.
D: yeah, but you are, we shared all those memories.
M: Those memories weren't very happy, I don't want them.
Calvin: Awkward.

Calvin suggests they all go and see Megan since she's out of the ICU now and his room just got way too awkward. The first thing Megan says when she sees them…
Megan to Calvin: Are you OK?
Calvin: Yeah, I'm fine. You're looking better…you know, awake. It's much better.
Megan: Yeah.

Fade out on them all around Megan's hospital bed, the characters actually acting as if they like and care about each other.

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