I haven’t really done much writing since Happy Christmas Morning. I had grand plans for this afternoon, but after a morning doing chores and having a lovely long lunch with Amphigori I just really wanted to relax. I basked in the sun, read a bunch and snoozed on and off. Great way to start the holidays!

I really need to do some editing, but I guess it can wait. In the mean time I’m agonising over a good title for Rain…

I had a late night brain wave that I should call it The Suburban book of the dead, but it turns out that Robert Rankin already used that name, so I’m playing around with variations on the theme. None of these have jumped out at me as perfect yet, but here’s the list, lemme know if any of these grab you….

Book of the dead for teenagers

Teenage book of the dead

The young person’s guide to the dead

Book of the dead for the recently aggrieved

Modern book of the dead

Suburban guide to hunting monsters

Suburban guide to hunting demons

Bleh. Anyway, have some linky:

This is a fantastic article gathering the best tips from writers. 54 tips for writers from writers, lots to read, lots to digest.

This instruction manual from Holly Lisle on how to do one pass revision on a manuscript is scary and exciting. I might try this method with Rain.


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