Things I Love Christmas

Well, Obviously I love Christmas, but this is a good time to sit back and be thankful for other stuff as well.

This year is the first year *in my whole life* when I will not be seeing my parents, or any of my family, on Christmas Day. It has been a weirdly emotional time for me. I am especially thankful for my friends this year, especially everyone who managed to come round to my Christmas party yesterday. I love sharing this time of year with friends, because I can show them how much I love them. We had fun, chillaxing in the sun, playing Apples to Apples, eating, playing Rock Band and talking. I know awesome people. I feel blessed.

Of course, my immediate family is my darling Lee. I have to be thankful for him because he’s such a honey, always there for cuddles, ready to take me to see Where the Wild Things Are at a moment’s notice and cooking. Mustn’t forget the cooking. I got the roast dinner started yesterday but he checked its progress and took it from oven to served. He gave me the Absolute Sandman vol 3 for Christmas, which means I only need one more and then the Compleat Death 🙂

My extended family.
Just because my family are mostly in Gisborne doesn’t mean there’s no celebrating. My Lee-side family are all here and we’re having a big old party at their place tonight. Catching up with the nieces and eating of the gigantic feast will be awesome fun, plus present swapping!

I love presents. I especially love giving and receiving carefully considered presents. Nothing like knowing someone knows you well, has chosen something that you love, specially for you. Awww, Christmas rocks.

Honourable Mentions: group photos, roast chicken, looking forward to Christmas dinner, knowing that I have only *one* giant meal today so I don’t have to worry about overeating, having a second Christmas in a week, picking people up from the airport, hugs, dancing, sharing my baking and have people being excited about it, youtube, napping, good books, internet shopping, Boxing Day sales, awesome movies and love.

And last, but certainly not least, the best Christmas special ever, made while Jim Henson was still alive and packed with funny….

When you have time, why don’t you share what’s making you happy right now?


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Christmas

  1. My banana holder is locked and loaded with bananie! I showed the family and they thought it was cool:) It also provides a handy prop for ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!;p

  2. Merry Christmas 🙂 I was really happy I could come and see you if only briefly yesterday!! And I love my pressies – so perfect 🙂 THankyou!!
    It has been a lovely Christmas.

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