Writing whatever the day is

I had an awesome amount of sleep yesterday and last night and woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I am thanking my awesome new Peter Alexander PJs for that. They’re super comfy and the fabric’s real soft and although there’s a little bit of riding up, the pants are so cute and frilly that I don’t even care. OK, now you know way more than you needed to about my new PJs. In conclusion: Peter Alexander 25% off everything sale is totally worth it and I’m likely heading back in for more PJs.

The point of this entry is not PJs though (I love PJs!) it’s writing. I woke up feeling good and managed to not just open the file, but actually edit the first chapter of WtWTCH? I have a couple of days left to get it into Dragon Moon’s open submission month.

I didn’t want to do it, but the combination of inspiring articles and things like twitter being *really dead* because everyone’s on holiday changed my mind. Just like everything in this whole writing malarkey, once you’ve started it got quite easy and fun.

I got a much better first sentence out of the rewrite, paced it up a bit and deleted out some chaff. I made the voice match what it does later in the MS a bit more, (thanks to Dan for bringing this to my attention). I’ve sent the two chapters out to some writerly friends to take a gander at and give me feedback.

I’m going to take another look at it in a couple of days for final refining, spruce up my query letter and send it on in. The response time is 4-6 months so I’ll keep on querying agents with it in the mean time.


Bad first sentence choices.

This Northern Californian agency has a lovely article on how to make yourself Irresistable to agents (part one of three).


2 thoughts on “Writing whatever the day is

  1. Some interesting debate (and argument 🙂 ) in the comments on that “First Sentence” link. The blogger makes the distinction between novels and the short stories he was judging at one point, too. It’s a fine and interesting line – I’ve been utterly hooked from low-key, low-action intros, and turned off by others that launch into the swing of things – all about it being balanced and engaging, I guess.

  2. I too had a great sleep last night and now upon reading your post, I wonder if it was because of the lovely new jammies that my Noo got me for Christmas (and that I *may* have spent most of today so far lounging round in;p)

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