T shirt quilt

Combining two of my favourite things: chocolate friends! OK, so I haven’t managed that one, but I have combined T shirts and patchwork successfully.

Check it, a bunch of old T shirts of mine, many of them worn until they’re stained, the graphic starts cracking, they’re out of fashion style wise, I grow out of them or I simply have a *better* shirt for that kind of mood….Recycled into a super-funky quilt top. Some are Lee’s old shirts too, The Milo Boro one for example, that Giffy bought him in Thailand. All of these shirts have stories behind them, which makes this quilt more special than one made with random fabrics.

I bought new batting for it, because we don’t have any suitable blankets, but I did recycle an old flannelette sheet for the backing. Here is is, assembled.

So, the oldest shirt in there is the weird landscape one, it depicts a bunch of mods hipster hanging out in a house. A workmate gave me that one, having bought it for herself in the 70’s. In the bottom left hand you can see the Midsummer Night’s Dream shirt from the school production of 1994, Wellington Girl’s College. I was a member of the dancing fairy chorus, we did the Charleston. My WGC supporter’s club shirt is in there too in pieces.

Two Kapcon shirts are in there, and I just found another today but it’s too late to add it. There’s a Jenni’s Angels shirt I had left over from the Destination Earth order and the pink ‘big F little f’ was the one I wore in my director’s cameo the first year we did the 48.

Oh the memories. And it came out really really big too, so it will be extra snuggly and useful. I am kind of looking forward to making my next one….OK, so I still have to hand quilt and bind this one, and that will take a while, but whatevs. This was awesome fun.


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