Inspiration for the new year

Revisiting some old favourites, these links have all improved my mood at some point or another and I recommend them for ways to get into thinking more positively.

Still love this video of Louis CK Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy

How to make 2009 (or 10…) yourbest year ever.

A fantastic little visualisation exercise that will help you re-evaluate what’s important.

My resolutions are more of the same from last year and some goal setting more than anything like ‘visit the gym more’. I want to continue to work hard on my writing and continue in my quest to get published. I have a ‘to do’ list of short stories, etc and a plan for tackling the two books I wrote last year. I’m feeling good about that.

Also, continue to live the best life I can, be open to new things, focus on those people in my life who encourage and support me and above all, have fun!

Happy new year everyone!


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