I didn’t get much writing done last week while I was on the Fijian island of Mana. Surprised? I’m surprised that I actually managed to open my laptop and do some editing while I was over there. It was awesome. I am slowly but surely whittling the first three chapters of Kiki into something more worthy of submitting to a publisher. It is a slow process though, because I’m not that convinced it’s worth it. On the other hand, what have I got to lose?

I have been typing up the kid’s book I wrote last May, but to be honest, I’m not that psyched about it. I will keep doing it, because it isn’t long and I think it’ll be good when I can properly re-edit it but my mind and my enthusiasm are elsewhere.

I’ll give you three guesses where my enthusiasm is now?

Well, if you guessed anything other than Rain, you should probably click the ‘Rain’ link in the tag cloud and have a read. I went into the print shop and got the Rain first draft in physical form, and it turns out that if I smile at the print shop guy he’ll give me student discount, even though I told him I am not a student. Nice.

I did this exercise in storytelling from storyfix, where you watch a movie and note in generic terms what each scene is about. I chose the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie as a similar genre movie to Rain, but given the difference in world building I’m not sure how helpful it will be. I am certainly keen to try writing something using the framework I’ve got noted down though, and it did give me a couple of ideas. (Consider having more cutaways to the love interest, for example.)
I would definitely recommend the exercise for cases of writer’s block, or general story-structure fuzziness though, as you do quickly get a sense of what is and isn’t necessary to tell a story.

I will keep it with me while I do my one pass revision on Rain. Which I am super-psyched about, and also kind of terrified of starting.

If you’re looking for more motivation I would recommend you read the morning before you didn’t write,from the ‘how not to write’ blog, which I suspect I should really read through because with all this holidaying I have somewhat lost motivation for my current projects. I must remind myself that I too am on the ‘work your ass off’ path.

Now, to go have a nap before working my ass off….


One thought on “Writing

  1. The one pass revision thing looks interesting. I’ve read a few good reviews about Holly Lisle’s revision workshops.

    Wishing you productive ass working offness 🙂

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