Things I Love Thursday

I missed this last week, so some of my Things I Love are going to be Fijian themed….It’s also my first TiLT for 2010 so happy new year all!

Mai Tais!

(Is it John the Baptist or Neil Patrick Harris’s pose? You be the judge.)

Little fruit bats that fly about whenever they like, night or day, eat the juvenile coconuts, land like un-co spazzes and are generallty awesome.

The sunshine, which I haven’t seen too much of since I’ve been home, but we have it today. Now if it could just warm up some I could show off my tan from Fiji.

Going swimming and snorkelling. In Fiji it was really warm and the water was easy to get into and stay in and I really enjoyed it. A couple of moments from snorkelling are etched on my memory…it was stunningly beautiful.

Honourable Mentions: Family, friends, PJs from Peter Alexander, looking forward to Kapcon, Z grade movies, toasted almonds, ice cream, air conditioning, showers you can watch the moon/bats/birds from, fries, 3 berry cider, Clone High, cuddles, long vivid dreams, laughing, twitter and Glee.

Please share your list….


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. -Anticipation of Kapcon
    -Being a Mum and dancing to Fatcat and Fishface with my cute little boys
    -Uni courses that make me feel smart
    -Friends on line and out in the real world
    -Living in an era where there are effective antibiotics for UTIs (ok, might be too much info, but seriously it was really uncomfortable… and people used to get kidney failure and die from these things… and might again if they become resistant)

  2. TiLT
    – Beautiful fresh food brought to me by my Mum
    – Baby smiles and cuddles
    – Friends
    – Sleeps of over 4 hours in length
    – Bubble baths
    – Having my lovely hubbly home for 3 days this week

    I’ve been thinking of doing a post titled “A Wealth of Friends, An Embarassment of Gifts”. What do you think?

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