Antidotes to Monday

Wellington put on the sunshine this afternoon, so that lifted my mood somewhat. On the other hand it’s still Monday and most of us have settled back into work and that can make you feel a bit less than awesome. Here are some of the things I think might make you feel better.

I made this for dinner and it was really yum. I used frozen peas instead of fresh and bacon instead of prosciutto. I couldn’t find bow shaped pasta so I chose spirals, but it was still really good. Tasty and fresh, pleasant crunch from the pine nuts and…I didn’t actually make enough of it. I want more.

I also want to try out this so called easiest pizza dough. Should really make ourselves pizza, Hell is getting a little disappointing for when we want to order in.

Marvel at the Candy battle of Minas Tirith which Wil Wheaton linked to ages ago and it occurs to me you may not have seen.

Also, Gingerbread alamo. Amazing.

Pretty pretty pretty book jackets, which I really want to buy but I might just rip off the idea and make my own with some sturdy brown paper.

A quick pic of Neil Patrick Harris at the Golden Globes.

I’m getting super-psyched for Kapcon which is this weekend. Especially for the LARP which is shaping up to be rather awesome. I’m also looking forward to unleashing the emo when I run my game.

And finally, a video of a tiny 7 week old puppy trying to go down stairs. That is one appropriately named puppy.


One thought on “Antidotes to Monday

  1. I too am excited about Kapcon. Im only playing in round 2&3 as I have to be mum on Sunday, but I do plan to come in the following day with the girls. Next year I plan to be there for the two days.

    See you Saturday 🙂

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