LARP excitement 2009

Following on from LARP excitement, I have some more thoughts.

Plus I’m excited about the LARP and I’m thinking about it a lot. This year’s Kapcon LARP is called Reunion, which is a sci-fi scenario based on a lot of different worlds coming together after being separated for 500 years.

My character this year is a citizen of Arboria, which is basically Steampunk World. I am wearing the beautiful and full on Victorian day dress that I inherited from Michaela with some steampunkery accessories. From Trade Me I got goggles, (handily blue to match my dress), a Harley Davidson saddlebag which I will use as a pouch, watch parts necklace and a sturdy leather belt to dangle things off.

I borrowed the most perfect Victorian style boots off Giffy, they are so super cute and also match perfectly the brown of my belt.

I borrowed a teeny wee hair iron from my mother in law in order to make myself adorable ringlets and I trialled my hair style and it looked awesome. I am so super psyched about my outfit. Expect some photos early next week!

In regards to the game itself, my character sheet is full of the delicious emo romance roleplaying that I love so much. It will be a super awesome night I think.

Must remember to stay hydrated (easy enough last year by having a water bottle on hand and refilling as needed), sit down as often as possible, eat a sandwich or similar when I get home and to not ingest any caffeine at any point. That should ensure a fun game and a drastic reduction of the LARP hangover I’ve been suffering the past few years. I don’t like missing the first round of the second day, especially since I’ve signed up to play Amphigori’s American Gothix game.


4 thoughts on “LARP excitement 2009

  1. Eeee! I’m so glad your excited, cause then it makes me excited! We have been working so hard these past few days, weeks, months, to create what will hopefully be an awesome game

  2. I must say that I’m jealous of how awesome your LARP costume is! I really had no success finding what I wanted today, stoopid costume places with their clothes that don’t fit my shoulders or make me look tubby!

    Anyways, I managed to wrangle something together that I’m reasonably happy with and am totally looking forward to the game! I too have the emo romance roleplaying opportunities!

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