Things I Love Thursday


Science explains how Mega Shark bites a plane out of the air in Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. I wonder if he’ll go on to explain the whole colour mixing part of the movie soon? I also love how the comments are full of suggestions for how he could improve his calculations.


Lego Batman. We haven’t played it since Lee got sick on Sunday, but the hours of play on Saturday and earlier was awesome fun. Lee plays Batman and I’m Robin. It’s cute as anything and we’re doing well co operating and sometimes I even solve the puzzles first!

Monster watch! Texans saw a chupacabra! I ❤ monsters.

Having a naps, and then propogating naps. I was especially happy about this tweet


I like airports. Whether I’m going somewhere or picking someone up, it makes me happy to be there. The people arriving, the people waiting to leave, all the magazines, books, laptops, the fear of being told you can’t take something on the plane, memories of holidays, watching the planes….I just love it all.

Honourable kapconkapconkapconkapcon Mentions: OK, I admit it, I love Zoo World on facebook. The way you simultaneously have to work so hard and yet not at all makes me really happy. Curly fries, lunch with friends, laughing, my T shirt quilt, jelly beans, new books, M&Ms trumpets, cute stuff, PJs, sunshine and 3 berry cider.

And you, what are you thankful for this week?



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