Kapcon 19 – day 1

I didn’t get my A into G to register for first round games before they started filling up. I decided the right way to start the con was with Games on Demand. Once in the room I managed to peer pressure Steve into running Bad Family. Also in the game were Trish playing River, 14 and whiny, Richard playing Randy the grandfather, Mike playing James the stoner twin of my character Jaime, Dylan was Alex, the eldest and Nasia, playing Beth, the mother of the rabble and Randy’s daughter.

My want for the episode was to win the school talent show. After we’d already established that James and River were rebellious and failing school I decided I had better be the good kid and ensure that Nasia didn’t enter a despair spiral. It didn’t really work. It’s tough being the mother of a Bad Family. If it wasn’t for my character’s addiction to amphetamines, I suspect I would have been rather boring compared to the others. This game was hella frenetic because of the high number of players but I managed to get the following Golden quote:

Beth, yanks River out of the bathroom so she won’t be late for school, interrupting her makeup application.
River: But if I go like this, everyone will look at me!
Beth: So clean all that stuff off your face.
River: but then no one will look at me!

In second round I ran my first ‘proper’ session of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon. It’s a game I wrote riffing off supernatural teen romance stories, specifically spoofing Twilight but incorporating a lot of the books I’ve read in the last year. It’s a game for four players, two supernatural beings, two humans. One of each falls in love and the other two are the best friends.

My players were great: Steph, Angela, Naomi and Bryn. All of them were on board immediately with the premise and the emotional/hilarious tone of the game. They decided that their romance would be about dark court faeries. Bryn playing the romantic lead opposite Steph. The faeries fed on negative human emotions and were weak to silver, human tears on their skin revealed their true nature and they were able to fly at super speeds.

Steph’s Madison was a drama star and there was some lovely romantic stuff around auditions, etc. Her best friend Jasmine was a bookworm and distrustful of the new boy in Madison’s life (her younger brother had been stolen by faeries). Naomi’s character Charlotte was a total bad-ass and in love with Marley, the fae prince who was under pressure from her and the Dark King to return to faerie to get involved in the running of his kingdom. I didn’t get a huge number of quotes, but there were a lot of wonderful moments, including Marley flying around the entire globe in a fit of angst, Steph revealing halfway through the game that she already had a boyfriend (her best friend’s brother) and the drama teacher’s name: Mrs Watson-Mclaughlan.

Charlotte and Marley sit on the Eiffel tower and talk things over…
Charlotte: I don’t think she’s the love of your life.
Marley: how do you know that?
C: because I don’t want her to be!

Jasmine: You know how my brother was kidnapped from his room? Well, I don’t think it was humans who stole him.
Madison: Yeah, but I think his room was too high for a bear to get to.

In my efforts to introduce the conflict I had Marley’s father pay a visit to Madison in her sleep and drain her emotions, leaving her weak and sick the next day. It kind of creeped out the players, but it worked very well for showing the coldness of the fae.

My favourite moment was at the end though. Marley knew he couldn’t live without Madison and researched ways to become mortal. Despite the danger and the fear of the supernatural, Madison consented to cut herself and mingle her blood with his, allowing him to become human. Both best friends witness this but are unable to stop it. Charlotte calls the Dark King, who arrives immediately.
Dark King: You idiot!
Marley: but I wanted to be with her forever!
Dark King: It never occurred to you to just bring her to Faerie, did it?
Marley:… :O
Dark King hits him upside the head: Of course it didn’t, you idiot. Now I have to make a new son. Do you know how long that takes???

So the lovers were united at the end, which I guess was still a happy ending, even though they’re both going to die eventually.

In the third round, after a delicious Wholly Pizza dinner, I played in Liam’s Call of Cathulhu game The Black Cat. It was a standard Call of Cthulhu investigation game, except that we were all cats. Amazing.

I played Musketeer, a tortoiseshell and white tom who was mostly stray but lived at a school during term time. Dale played Pops, a Maine Coone obsessed with being in charge and eating everything, there was also Bronya, a Russian Blue queen (sorry, forgotten the name of the player, but he was awesome) and Donna played Puss in Boots, a rather timid tabby housecat. My cat was the most awesome because he had the ability to open doors. It was very useful.

I’m not too sure if Liam’s planning on using this scenario again so I’ll leave out the storyline, except that a lot of black cats were being killed around town. We investigated and found the ungodly thing killing them. It’s Lovecraft, so you know it was creepy as all Hell.

Pops: I want to eat some more garbage.
Bronya: You’ve eaten plenty.
P: Hey! I’m not fat!
B: You haven’t even lost your winter coat yet, it’s summer.

We tracked down some living black cats to see if we could see what was doing it, get more info. Pops addressed the first black cat with: Hey! You’re gonna die!

Musketeer was a bit more tactful, but not much with the second black cat: hey Max, you might want to not die tonight.
Pops: hey Max you might want to come with us.
Max: I thought you said I was going to die.
P: yeah, you might still.

In the climactic scene we fought a human. Well, Pops took him on and I helped. Two cats aren’t really a match for a fully grown human, but we were bold!
Dale: what sort of footwear has he got on?
Liam: slippers, it’s the middle of the night.
Dale: Outstanding. I go for his ankles.

I went around recommending Black Cat for the rest of the con. I’m keen to hear how the second session of it went.

Then I took around 40 minutes to get into my LARP costume, with hair curling help from Margie and was ready right as our group was called downstairs. More on the LARP soon.

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6 thoughts on “Kapcon 19 – day 1

  1. Giffy, I think you might be a little confused…

    The LARP characters didn’t have emo ratings, characters in my Silver Kiss game did 🙂

  2. “I played Musketeer, a tortoiseshell and white tom”

    Dear Ms Talula,

    I have greatly enjoyed reading your account of Kapcon but feel I must write to ask that you add a footnote to your description of your cat character explaining that while tortoiseshell cats are almost exclusively female your character was an XXY male. Please also clarify whether, as is typical of such XXY mutants, the character was sterile, or indeed if it was a chimera (fusing of two embryos with different colourings).

    I feel this detail is essential to the full understanding of the game.

    Yours truly,

    Captain Roland Pedantic, Esquire
    The Pedantic Academy

    • Dude, ask Liam. I pointed out that tortie + whites are pretty much always female and he offered no explanation 🙂

      I have to say though, it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the game in any way.

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