Reunion LARP

This year’s LARP was about a number of planets interconnected by gates which were shut down 500 years ago being reunited. My character, Marianne La Grange, was from the delegation from Arboria. We lived on the tops of gigantic trees and dressed like Victorians.

The delegation from Arboria

That’s us. You’ll notice I am standing rather close to a gentleman with a white scarf and a walking stick? That’s Alan Copeland the 26th, current King of New London. We were kind of involved. The thing is though, my character had a reason for going in the delegation that was more than just curiosity. My character’s family was immortal. My parents had cracked the gene coding or something and I’d been alive roughly 560 years. I was keen to catch up with my siblings and also…my husband. I’d married Steven back before the shutdown and we were separated when the gates closed. I had indulged in any number of flings since then, but I hadn’t let myself fall in love with anyone else until Alan…just a couple of years ago.

So, I was anxious. Of course, this was all a secret. None of the rest of the delegation knew my secret, although the physician had been suspicious. Alan’s father, Alan Copeland the 25th had been asking some awkward questions so I left New London and travelled. When I heard that the 25th was killed I went back to see the 26th. Right around that time the gates reopened.

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