Kapcon 19 – Day 2

AKA the funnest day ever.

I had a very good sleep after the LARP except that I woke up at 6.30 buzzing with the day before and excited about the day to come. In first session I played Amphigori’s game American Gothix. I was cast as the Artist, who truly believed that to be the best artistically you needed to suffer. Thus I complained about everything and constantly pointed out how terrible everything was. It was so much fun. The only problem was that we all kept laughing. Of course, this isn’t a problem at all. The game was full of awesome players…

Nikki was the newcomer ‘Wishless Star’, the token girl whose parents’ minivan we were road tripping in.
Bryn played Stevie, Star’s annoying little brother who we were forced to take with us so he could play Commodore 64 with his friend.
Glen was The DJ, Vinyl aka The Reefer
Andy M was playing the Delinquent, Zues, who was both scary and desperate to impress John
Ants played John Smith, the uber-Goth, basically the leader of the crew and oh so Goth, oh so smug. (I hated him, because I was clearly a lot more Goth than him.)
My character’s legal name had been Bryan but he was going by Byron.

Lots of awesome quotes from this game, I’ll try and give them context…

When we were deciding where to sit in the minivan John took the back seat, draping his arms along the back of the seat like he was holding court. I hung back while the delinquent chose the seat directly behind the driver, Vinyl pushed Stevie into the middle front seat so he could control the stereo. I was heading for the middle back seat, so that all of us in the back were seated alone. John Smith said: Byron, why don’t you sit next to me? Speak some poetry.
Byron: Nah man, I’m busy.
(I should have done it, really because my character sheet said to take every chance to read my poetry but I hated him so much I didn’t want to do what he said. It was awesome.)

Pretty soon after the game started we ran out of petrol and stopped on the open road, in the middle of a lot of cornfields. Everyone kind of mooched around wondering what to do for a while. Jackie made me roll and I spotted a farm house in the distance but I didn’t say anything about it until Star said she’d walk back along the road.
Byron: Wait….there’s….(big sigh)…like a farm house or something over there…it’s probably empty.

The DJ and I waited in the car while the rest trooped up to the farm house to check it out. The door was answered by a senile old lady.
Old lady: are you a girl or a boy?
Star: Is there a gas station nearby?
Old lady: I like apricots! (Looks at John Smith) what lovely long hair you’ve got.
Stevie: He’s a boy.
Old lady: Oh that’s not right. Your hair is too long.

They manage to trade work (herding pigs into a truck) in exchange for gas. Stevie falls in love with one of the pigs and the hick farmer insists that Stevie adopts it. The goths are less than thrilled with this addition to the group.
DJ Vinyl: does anyone know how to kill a pig?
John: Yeah…I heard of it once.

DJ Vinyl tries putting black lipstick on the pig, making it look surprisingly like Robert Smith. After waxing lyrical about how the pig we have is different to the pigs going off to be slaughtered John says could be our mascot and we could call it Robert Smith.
Stevie: Are we keeping the pig?
John: The pig stays.
Stevie: You’re so cool John! (Gives him a big hug)
John: Star, your brother did NOT just hug me.
(Jacky made him give up a Goth point.)

Later on we had a seance at a graveyard and talked to the ghost of Stella Lugosi. As we were leaving, having picked up super-try-hard-perfect-Goth-chick, her boyfriend, the most extreme Goth ever arrives.
Jackie: This guy is cooler than you.
John: Impossible. I have a beige minivan.

Star takes a phone call and starts crying, although as she drives she tries to hide it from us. I had by this point fallen a bit in love with her, so I noticed.
Byron: Star, are you okay?
Star: Yes (sobs)
B: You can’t hide your feelings from us. We can smell pain.

Later on Star went undercover as a normal, wearing a sundress and strappy sandals. I was disappointed. The awesome thing about playing the artist was that I was given a journal of awful Goth poetry. Jackie had started it, with a number of poems. She’d run it the day previously so I also had Scott’s poems as well. I worked hard to add my own. I read poems out in game, some from each of the authors. I wrote one about how in love with Star I was and then another about how disappointed I was in her. Jackie has promised/threatened to put some online. I’ll link if she does. I hope she does!

In fifth session I ran my Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon again. This one was the closest parody of Twilight I’ve run so far. Jackie played Ashe, a vampire with a burning need to kill, Nick played his best friend Yuki. Then I had Cat as the human, Matty, who was a danger magnet and falling down all the time, and James Plunket playing her best friend.

The game got creepy very quickly, since Nick and Jackie’s vampires had no qualms about eating and killing people. The intro to the vamp boys had them driving into town in Ash’s vintage truck. Ash was moping, Yuki was trying to make him feel better.
Yuki: You wanna stop and get a soda? I know you love soda. (He returns with pepsis) I got two. This one is original, this one has lime in it.
Ash: Why do you have to make my life so hard?

Ash and Yuki park their van in the high school carpark, just below the girls. Ash and Matty’s eyes meet and they fall instantly in love.
Ash: She’s the one.
Yuki: What? You’ve said that before.
Ash: No, there’s only ever been one. It’s just taken me this long to find her.
Yuki: Have you gone mad?
Ash: Yes.

The girls decide to come down the hill and meet the boys. Matty trips and stumbles on the slope.
Yuki: She didn’t even trip on anything, is she retarded?
Ash: She’s spontaneous.

Matty volunteers to show the boys around the town, Rachel goes with her to make sure nothing untoward happens. There’s not enough seats in the front for all four, so Matty sits on Ash’s lap. He is overwhelmed by the smell of her tasty tasty blood and buries his face in her neck.
Ash: You smell good.
Yuki: Ash, can you stop? I’m driving.
(Around here I fell in love with the Yuki and Ash team and started needing to see their spin off TV show.)

They go to the forest. After some deep and meaningful bonding…Matty: your eyes are really pretty
Ash: I know….they go for a walk. Ash stays behind to try and curb his desire to kill. He takes out his frustration on a tree, punching it repeatedly and screaming WHY?
Matty goes back to find out what’s happening and there’s a sudden bear attack! Yuki takes the girls in the truck, leaving Ash to fight the bear. When the girls ask what he’s going to do Yuki says that Ash used to be in a circus. Classic.

On the TV Rachel sees a news report about a bear found eviscerated by a park ranger. The news mentioned how the bear appeared to have been torn apart and yet the scene was strangely bloodless. Rachel becomes suspicious and calls Matty. Matty is lost in despair, believing Ash is dead.
Rachel: Think about the evidence, what about that tree he punched, and possibly that bear! The next thing he punches could be you.

Meanwhile the vamp boys have settled into a loft apartment in town. Yuki walks in with a large screen TV.
Y: I just killed the guy next door for his TV.
The boys then go back next door to raid the guys closet and have a fashion montage. Yuki props the dead body up so they have an audience. Once dressed in their new finery they go to present themselves to the vampire council of Hosepipe. Yep, around then we named the town Hosepipe. I tried to think of the ultimate vampire leader for Hosepipe and the answer leapt out at me….William H Macy.

Stanley, the head of the Hosepipe vampires

Stanley wasn’t too happy about the boys making the news with the dead bear and gave them a warning to not be so obvious with the killing. He also set them up with a new place to stay and advised them of the monthly vampire meetings. The new place was in the forest. The boys celebrate by stealing pepsi and (I think) killing some more people. Can’t recall.

The next day at school Matty and Rachel had a fight, Rachel insisting that Matty break off contact with Ash.
Matty: Why are you even talking about him? He could be dead for all you know!
Rachel: Maybe he’s just not that into you.

There is a lunchtime bonding session where Matty reveals her love for online poetry.
Ash: I want you to…I just…want…you! OK? I want you more than you can possibly know.
They kiss.

In class Ash gets a call from Stanley who asks him and Yuki to come into the hall as soon as possible. Ash mentions that he can’t come immediately because he’s in school. Silence on the other end. Ash excuses himself from class with a patently obvious lie. Yuki follows with much the same excuse.

Rachel drags Matty out of class so that they can follow the boys and work out what’s going on. Matty resists but Rachel is a cheerleader and therefore a bit tougher. They follow the boys at a discreet distance and park outside the Masonic lodge the vampires are using. They sneak into the foyer to hear Stanley asking the boys if they had anything to do with the newspaper headline “Man found dead in looted apartment: police concerned”. The boys at first deny knowledge of the incident but Stanley’s gaze is too piercing and they come clean. He says he is willing to give them one last chance but they really have to be more secretive. He then initiates the official Vampiric welcoming ceremony in which everyone repeated the word vampire a lot so that the girls could be in no doubt of what was going on.

Matty and Rachel fight, Rachel reveals that her mother was turned into a vampire and that’s how she knows that they’re evil. Matty doesn’t care, she just loves Ash too much.

The boys leave, not seeing the girls. They talk about what they are going to do. Ash insists that they have to stay in Hosepipe forever. Yuki is less keen and for some reason he calls Ash a chap.
Ash: Chap? Why did you call me that?
Yuki: I ate a gay Englishman. He as at that club in town, the Drainhole. (*This euphemism broke the game for five minutes while we all rolled around on the ground and tried to breathe.)

They then went straight to the forest, tracked down a park ranger’s house and killed him viciously. After the feed they look up to see one of Stanley’s lackeys watching through the window. She disappears when she sees them looking. They decide to hide the evidence by burning the hut down.

Rachel goes to firebomb the hall that night. Ash tracks down Matty to try and convince her to go with him. He manages to convince her to leave her mother and everything she knows.
Matty: But what about my life? I have ambitions, I want to go to university, be a writer.
Ash: I still write poetry, I write poetry online!

Yuki comes to pick up Ash and is less than pleased to see Matty there as well.
Yuki: You can’t mess it up, were Ash and Yuki. Not Ash, Yuki and Matty. Look at her, she’s got no style! Is she in her pajamas?

Rachel meanwhile has succeeded in throwing one lit petrol can through the window of the vampire hall and finds Matty on the side of the road, waiting for Yuki and Ash to talk things through. Rachel tries again to convince Matty to stay but she won’t listen. In the distance, towards the forest is the glow of a massive brush fire.

In the truck, Yuki convinces Ash that their life is too good to change and Ash concedes that they should just go. Yuki asks if they’re sure, Ash says go now and they take off.
Matty runs into the street and falls down sobbing. Rachel comforts her.


After prize giving, where I won a spot prize, I ran Silver Kiss again for Sophie, Carla, Thomas and Jon B. Sophie and Carla decided to be elemental Goddesses, Sophie fire and Carla air. They decided that what Gods want is worship, which translated into popularity at high school. Carla was excellent as Autumn, a completely ruthless queen bee type who immediately gained renown by dissing the class clown in front of everyone.

Jon’s character Callum was a bit of a bookish not-so-cool kid, his best friend Jake was slightly geekier again. Callum’s twin sister Callista was head cheerleader. Their parents were pretty tragic, a drunk mother and an unable to deal with confrontation father.

In order to get in on the social cool scene Autumn and Phoenix (our Goddesses) arranged a bonfire party on the Friday night they arrived. Callum crashed it to get close to Phoenix. He had a grand plan of cleverness in which he challenged Brody, head of the swim team, to a swimming contest. He couldn’t swim for anything but he figured that he could get rescued by Phoenix. Brody, it turned out, was quite gay, which was sad for him, since Callum wasn’t interested. Jake appeared to talk Callum out of it. ‘Don’t you remember when we were ten?’
*flashback to Callum and Jake at ten, Callum having to be dragged out of a swimming pool, shivering. The visit to the doctor afterwards reveals that Callum has a chronic weakness to hypothermia and should never go swimming.*

Callum swims a couple of hundred yards before succumbing to hypothermia. Although she wants to, Callista cannot save him as water extinguishes fire. She begs Autumn who reluctantly wades into the water and helps Brody bring Callum back in. Brody heroically carries Callum out of the water, but Phoenix snatches him away. She takes him over to the bonfire and holds him cradled in her lap to warm him.
Callum: You’re not like other girls, you’re hot. No, really, you’re hot! I think I’m burning!
Phoenix carefully reduces the amount of heat she’s emitting and asks Callum why he tried to swim if he was so weak.
Callum: It’s that Brody, he’s always trying to get one up me. I mean, get one up on me.

The two best friends try to intervene but Callum and Phoenix are in their own little world, wrapped in each other entirely. Autumn suggests that Callum go to hospital (so he’ll go away.)
Jake: If there’ll be any taking him to hospital…I’ll be taking him to hospital.

At the hospital the dr is concerned, Callum doesn’t have hypothermia but there are some nasty burns on his arms where Phoenix was holding him. Jake becomes suspicious (don’t they always????) and spent the night at the library researching. He found some information about gods and how fire gods fall in love with humans and then burn them up. He has a conversation with Callum about this but Callum doesn’t believe it.

At the beach, Phoenix and Autumn are left alone. Phoenix goes into the bonfire and dances, her clothes burn off. It’s very sexy. Autumn watches appreciatively. When Phoenix comes out Autumn smiles affectionately.
A: You look like Cinderella, don’t you?
P Hmmm?
A: You’re all sooty.
P: I’m no…yeah.

The goddesses have the power of instant teleportation, so they go back to their penthouse apartment. Phoenix has a shower while Autumn plays with her windchimes and thinks. Phoenix emerges from the shower in a state of bliss.
P: Everything is so wonderful right now.
A: If everything is so wonderful, how come roses have thorns?
P: Hey, is everything okay? I’ve noticed that you’ve been a bit angry lately.
A: I dunno I just feel like we’ve been here too long, I want to move on.

Autumn convinces Phoenix that they should leave town. Phoenix wants to stay with Callum, and Autumn volunteers to go and ask him to come along. Phoenix agrees (one of her adjectives was naive). Autumn teleports to Callums house and is let in by Callista. She warns Callista that there’s a storm coming.
Callum is in his room listening to loud music, he is surprised to see Autumn because he doesn’t know who she is. Unfortunately this is the gods’ other weakness, if people don’t believe in them they get hurt.
Autumn: Phoenix doesn’t want to see you anymore, she doesn’t like you so just leave her alone.
Callum: who are you?
Autumn cries out
Callum: are you a god?
Autumn: I wish you hadn’t said that. She reaches behind her and pulls out a gun, for she is insane with rage. Just at this moment Jake appears, he has an Earth rune on his palm and uses it to restrain Autumn. Autumn falls to the ground, weakened. Phoenix feels her suffering and teleports in.

There was then a full on Mexican stand off with all four of them yelling at each other and trying to express their emotions as well as work out what was happening.
These are the notes I got…
Phoenix: Callum, what’s going on?
Callum: how did you get here?
Jake: You see that metal thing in her hand? You see this Earth rune I have just carved into my hand?
Autumn: Phoenix, save yourself, they’re trying to kill us!
Callum: I wish I knew how to quit you!

Phoenix looks around and decides where her heart truly belongs. She takes Autumn’s hand and whisks her to the top of Mt Everest (lots of wind to replenish her), they express their devotion to each other. Phoenix’s last words about Callum: He worshipped me…briefly…I guess he would have just burned out like the others…
Phoenix and Autumn kiss.

Back in the town Callum is left alone in his room. Jake leaves, speaking to Callista on the way out.
Jake: Callista, I must tell you something very, very important…. I hate you with a fiery passion and always will….
Callista: well, I feel the same way (she turns to leave but he grabs her arm)
Jake: now shut up and kiss me!
They kiss passionately. It’s hot.

We end with a little scene of Callum setting up an alter to Phoenix. Lighting candles for her and worshipping her all the same.

…and that was Kapcon and it was awesome.

6 thoughts on “Kapcon 19 – Day 2

  1. I sat here at work reading this trying not to laugh out loud. Beautiful. Ash and Yuki are epic. They must return.

    Also, it was “The Plughole” … Jut that much more worse. 😀

    You created an amazing game Jenni. Thank you!

  2. I too am sitting at work, smirking my head off remembering the awesome. I really loved that game, and as I may have mentioned it was the perfect end to my Con. Can we play again now? I want to know how long Phoenix can go on utterly oblivious to the fact that Autumn is actually psychotic.

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