Things I Love Thursday

As you can no doubt tell from my posts of this week, I had an awesome time at Kapcon. Seriously, I loved every game I played in, the LARP blew my mind, I caught up with all my peeps, made a couple of new friends and ate some delicious takeaways.

I love this article about how dogs are rich and happy. It makes me want to be a better person. By being more like a dog. Huh.

My new diary. I finally got a small, portable and yet roomy inside pink diary for 2010. This way I shall hopefully be more organised and less likely to flake. Unfortunately it only gives me a *teeny* amount of space for the weekends, but hey, it’s pink!

Thinking about future awesome roleplaying and costuming. I have signed up for a Camelot LARP (thanks to Donna for letting me take Guinevere) and a Sweeny Todd inspired 1900 LARP. I can make up the Medieval costume pretty easily using my purple dress from the Sanctuary and adding some bling and some cape action. The 1900 one is a bit more challenging, since I don’t have anything appropriate just lying around. Might have to check out some costume stores.

Honourable Mentions: writing going well for me, friends getting publishing opportunities, sunshine, clean clothes, our new (new new) cleaner, Fall last night (actual play soon), laughing, sleeping, M&Ms trumpets, wedding invitations to the weddings of people I love, short stories, new breast cancer research tshirts from Glassons and candy.

And you? What are you happy about today?


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. – Sunshine and enough time after work to enjoy it.
    – Reading about how much fun Kapcon was, chatting on NZRaG about what could be improved.
    – Sharing my first short story anthology placement with Debbie 🙂
    – Grandparents babysitting Dominic and having a great time.
    – Wireless internet.
    – Air conditioning in the lounge!

  2. – Doing some stuff for myself
    – Weekends away
    – Reconnecting with lost friends
    – Planning Day of Games
    – Playing wicked games, with wicked people

    Oh and hearing AC/DC in Brooklyn, from the Cake Tin is pretty amazing too.

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