Fall actual play report – ep 18 Losing Ground pt 1

Montage: Alex goes out fighting vampires every night, angrily slaying vampires to work out her guilt and anger and angst. Megan has been working on her science project, one armed because the other arm is in a sling. Darius has been studying and working out, making himself more kick-ass.Calvin is hanging out with his sister, Gina and Mason. The montage ends with Alex hunting, Darius arrives in his car, hops out and offers to help. Alex holds a vampire for him to pummel.

Alex gets home at about 2am, muddied and worn out. Her parents are sitting up, waiting for her.
Alex’s mum: Where have you been?
Alex asks if she can have a moment to change, when she comes back down her parents are just as concerned.
Alex’s mum: It’s a school night.
Alex: It’s a science project. It’s something I’m working on, you know, the nocturnal habits of certain kinds of bugs in the park.
Alex’s Mum: we’re not happy for you to be going out at night, it’s not safe. We see more and more stories in the paper about this kind of thing. I mean, look at what happened to your friends, just a couple of weeks ago.
Alex goes stony-faced, excuses herself and goes to bed.

The next day at school, (it’s Wednesday). It’s Megan and Calvin’s first day back at school, Megan because she needed all that time for healing and Calvin because he loves avoiding school. Although avoiding the cheerleaders and her former clique may have kept Megan away from school also.

In homeroom Alex is given a note to visit the principal. While waiting to be seen Alex is watching everyone who walks past, sizing them up as potential combat challenges. It’s a little creepy. The principal invites her in, asks her to sit down and shows her two test papers, one of hers from a couple of months ago with an A+ on it and a recent one with three pages missing. It’s the standard pep talk, the teachers are all concerned, they need her to work harder, etc etc. Alex is not exactly receptive, although she’s glad to hear that she has the rest of the day she won’t have to go to classes since she’ll be working through her issues with the school counselor.

(drama) < — Sophie insisted I add this in so that those reading would understand the levels of drama in that last scene.

Calvin goes to see Darius in the AV room. He flicks on the light switch and annoys the beret geeks by kicking them out.
Beret geek: this is not your club.
Calvin: no, but it's his club. And I want to talk to him.

Calvin and Darius catch up on what's been going on since the hospital, Darius details his research and other activities….
Darius: And I even went out and helped Alex with the slaying thing, because I think we could all be stepping up more.
Calvin gives Darius a look.
D: I guess, I mean, I should be stepping up. I guess you already stepped up.
Calvin just stares at him.

Calvin asks what Darius’s plan is for dealing with Xavier. Darius admits that he hadn’t thought of Xavier as a threat anymore but Calvin points out that they have the bones from his locker and he’s probably graduated from small monkeys to large hell hounds. Darius asks what’s next, will he be summoning Godzilla? Both boys think about that for a minute and agree it would be cool.

Darius: Right, but if it is him, how do we stop him? He’s doing it because he wants something. But what does he want?
Calvin: me dead?
Darius: Maybe we should ask him what he wants, in fact, let’s go do that! (leaves)
Calvin: Oooookay.

Arriving at school Megan is ignored by the cheerleaders, it's sad, but she's secretly relieved. Megan's science fair project is a programme that operates a robotic arm that plays chess and doesn't like to win too easily. It drums its fingers on the table if the opponent is taking too long. It's a bit of an ambitious project so she needs to go to Haruni to track down some extra parts.

Megan and Alex meet in the lunch queue. Megan asks after the boys, Alex admits that she hasn't seen Calvin in a while. Mentions Darius’s excessive study and training.
Alex gestures to the cheerleaders: no issues?
Megan: no, they're just ignoring me.

Alex explains that she hasn’t been in class today because she’s been in the counsellor’s office, working through her ‘issues’, since she’s failing classes and skipping school, etc.

M: are you failing papers now? Do you want some help with that?
A: well, I was just going to steal stuff off the internet…
M: yeah but we could go into the computers and change some of your grades.
A: Ah, well, maybe we could. It would have to be a gradual change though, I can't just suddenly be back to As. I should probably do some other work as well.
M: yeah I could help with that as well.

As Alex leaves to go back to the guidance counsellor she turns and says sorry to Megan. Megan doesn't look like she understands but she nods.

Meanwhile Xavier is surrounded by his friends most of the time. Darius approaches him, Calvin following behind. Darius: can I have a private word?
Xavier: Anything you want to say to me you can say in front of my friends.
Darius: Well, we know about the flying monkeys.

A conversation ensues where Darius tries to get Xavier to tell him what he wants. It doesn’t work out, Xavier postures in front of his friends and will not back down. He flounces off with his gang, leaving Darius. Calvin has stood back and watched this whole thing without saying anything.

Darius and Calvin stare at each other.
Calvin: we could burn his house down.
D: I was spending the whole time fighting down the urge to punch him.
C: I was doing that, too.
D: how did you stop yourself?
C: I wanted to see how you managed it.
D: ..so how could I have improved that, so you have any tips?
C: You could have punched him.

Alex and Calvin talk. In the hallway, with a lot of awkwardness on Alex’s part and Calvin’s ordinary easy going manner on his side.
Calvin: Hey.
Alex: How are you feeling?
C: Fine, I've actually been fine for a week I just figured I'd stay off school. I had a doctor's certificate so I figured I might as well use it.

They talk about the conversation with Xavier, (Darius popped in once or twice before leaving to spend time with Megan.) Calvin talks about how he thinks it’s Xavier summoning hell hounds. Alex is unconvinced. She says they have no evidence. Calvin mentions the bones from the locker again and if he was summoning the monkeys…well, you know.

Alex: It's funny that you say that because the hell hounds were at the same cemetery that the flying monkey attacked me in.
Someone random walks past and looks at them strangely. At the same time Calvin and Alex explain themselves…
Calvin: It's a play we're in
Alex: Gangs

A:It's not Xavier that's summoning them. It's probably someone we don't even know.
C: So you're assuming it's someone completely random rather than the person that we know is summoning things.
Someone else walks past looking confused.
Calvin: Gangs
Alex: A play. Anyway I have to get back to the guidance counsellor.
C: Really?
A: Yeah, I have to make a plan.
C: Oh just tell him that you'll make up a work schedule and do a different subject on each day. He loves that stuff.

Over lunch Darius and Megan and Calvin talk. There are daggers shot between our heroes table, the cheerleaders and the Fallen. The tension is palpable. They agree to meet up after school with Alex to figure stuff out.

On the way out of the cafeteria, Darius shakes up a coke can and sprays it over the cheerleader's table. No one knows why this happens except for Darius.

After school Alex is lurking by the pillars, Megan arrives soon after. Calvin suggests flash cards if Alex is called back to the office for a check in.
Megan: What happened to Darius? He just doesn't understand. It’s better if they don’t notice me at all.
Darius: It's better to be hated because I did something, not just for being who I am.
Alex whispers: I think Darius is finding himself.
Calvin rolls his eyes and raises his eyebrows.

They drive Kermit to the cemetery. There's no one in there apart from a groundsman bemoaning the hooligans who break gravestones.

They go into the cemetery and locate the tree that the flying monkey flew out of. It's definitely a tree. Alex tries going up the tree but can't find anything. The team investigate the area and Alex finds some ancient coins that seem to have fallen off a low gravestone. She hands them to Darius. He recognises them as Greek coins.

They pass the groundsman again as they leave, he is attempting to fix the gravestones with glue.

Alex: to the occult library, Batman!
Calvin (mumbling): How come he gets to be Batman?
Back at Darius's house the gang all research what the coins mean. Attentive watchers may realise that this is the first time Calvin has assisted with the book reading side of things. After extensive discussion amongst the players and GM, plus me looking at pictures of Jared Padalecki online, it is decided that he does not put on glasses.

They find out that the coins can be used to summon creatures from another dimension.

While sitting in Darius’s house, chilling they hear shouting and revving vehicles outside. When Darius looks out the window, an egg is thrown at the window he is looking out of and a roll of toilet paper is thrown. The jocks have their revenge, his house is covered with eggs and tp.

Alex calls home to check in.
Jared: You should have told them that you were gonna miss tea, eh?
Alex: Yeah I know, I'm telling them now.

Next morning at school Darius finds masking tape all around the edge of his locker. He takes his keys and scrapes away the edge of the masking tape. Something blue and clear is along the edge of the tape. He opens the door very slowly. The locker is a block of blue jelly, all his school books and photos and the puppy collar he has from when Nebby was a little puppy is ruined.
Darius: wow, that's really imaginative. I'm amazed.

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