Wednesday Writing

Celebration cupcakes for everyone!

I have finished the long hand part of my manuscript slog. This means that I’ve gone through the whole darn thing with a fine tooth comb. In addition to spotting typos, grammar mistakes and inconsistencies in the story (Mick turns into Jim who turns into Bobby and then back to Jim???) I was holding my big themes for the story, Rain and Jake’s issues and character arcs and looking for the conflict in each and every scene. This isn’t easy, but like anything it gets easier the more you do it.

Today I went through the big Demon Gate climax and the aftermath and one scene actually made me cry so I’m thinking that’s a good sign indeed. The next step is to go through the digital copy and make all the changes that I found in the print copy. This is going to take a while, but I am super-psyched to do it.

In other news…there is no other writing news. I have thought up some ideas for short stories but I haven’t written any of them yet. I am reading a fascinating YA supernatural romance called Lips Touch: three times by Laini Taylor. It’s essentially three different stories but linked thematically by such important things as magic, first love, passionate and wilful young women and of course, kisses. I am half way through the second story. I like.


Amazing amazing 100 things about writing a novel (part 1) especially this:

Writing a novel is sometimes like going to a party and hearing someone call your name outside the window and when you get there, a dragon floats in the night wind, grinning. How did you know my name, you ask it. But you already know it’s yours.

Storyfix’s recent guest post about why we write, or should write is also great. I really love the two facts he starts the article with. So true for me too.


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