Things I Love Thursday – Radical self love

Gala Darling is a running a month long blog seminar on radical self love. That is, focussing on accepting and loving yourself how you are. Click on the picture above to check it out 🙂

People such as Sok and Debbie saying they’re looking forward to reading Rain.

Sunshine, fundraising baking at work, potato chips, noodle canteen, noticing my T shirt is see through half way through the day and everyone can see the black lace and little hearts on my bra and not caring, naps, writing, editing, Cyanide and Happiness, youtube videos, singing, burgers and pasta.

And you, please share your list of happy in the comments…


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – Radical self love

  1. – Last(ish) minute weekends away
    – New gaming experiences
    – Not needing my wisdom teeth out
    – Only 14 days till we get our house back
    – Peppermint tea after greasy fish and chips

  2. Swimming in the sea with the girls and my dad
    Rpging twice in the same week!
    Ice cream just before the girls dinner and not caring
    Getting baby cuddles from S and big girl cuddles from A 🙂
    Sitting watching TV with L and a good gin and tonic

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