Random things

Scary Minds, the centre for Down Under horror fic has done a great review of The Event. This has made me very happy, and once again cemented the importance of doing fiction that is available to people for free. I should do more of that. In fact, this morning I started a short story with an eye to submit it to everyday fiction, since Matt and Debbie have both had the good luck to be accepted to there. Unfortunately I think my story might be longer than 1,000 words, but hey. There are other markets.

Ironically, I think this photoblog of unhappy hipsters focussing as it does on loneliness makes me feel more connected to the general population of the world. Maybe that’s why I still love awkward family photos so much as well. We’re all just trying to be cool.

I started my journey into Radical Self-Love. I have this gorgeous NZ designed and made notebook that a friend gave me for my birthday. On the front it says “You’re lovely” in ribbon writing. I figured that was a pretty good start for my radical self-love bible. In the front I have written:
“To love myself, increase my creative output and become rich and happy. I will use my own capacity for love and happiness to improve the lives of those I love. I will be a successful writer and my success will bring joy to others.”

I have chosen my old gold un-charmed charm bracelet for my totem/reminder of radical self love. It’s delicate and gold and it has a heart lock clasp. I keep meaning to get charms for it but I never quite manage. Maybe this month? As I achieve stuffs?

Also, this morning I went for a run. There are three main things that have made this happen: 1. My asthma has been really bad these past couple of weeks, exercising cures it quite a lot. 2. I suspect I might be getting my mother’s varicose veins, and that freaks me out, so I’m hoping exercise will cure that too. 3. I am rounder than I have ever been, which I don’t particularly mind in the boob department but some of my clothes are getting a little tight. Being fitter may not cure me of roundness, but at least I’ll know I’m healthier. Plus, 4, Lee keeps bugging me about getting exercise. This will solve that. So, yeah. I’m a get back into running. Not full time, no marathons, just aiming for 20 – 30 minutes three times a week. It’s not much, but it’s vastly more than no exercise at all.


7 thoughts on “Random things

  1. Radical Self Love huh?

    Sounds like that would involve large mechanical sex toys, a lot of lube, & a significant amount of hosing down afterwards.

    • apparently there is going to be a section on masturbating over the course of the month but I won’t be blogging that bit.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to that “unhappy hipsters” site; loving it. Mind you; it completey feeds into my long held opinion that modernist domestic architecture is inherently soul-less and impersonal, and only becomes more so when you put people inside it.

  3. Go you!! Running gets all those happy hormones going and gives you a good feeling! This reminded me of a pop science thing I read about how exercising at all (even less than what you’d need to get obvious physical effects) improves body image and self esteem… http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/091008123235.htm

    [I find exercise makes a HUGE difference to how I feel about myself and the world, my motivation to try and make my life better and how well I cope day to day… unfortunately not to the varicose veins though. I haven’t achieved self love… I’m not exactly lovable when you know me well, but I’m doing better than I was a year ago 🙂 ]

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