OMG yum

Pizza dough, bane of millions. With the leaving it to rise and the consistency and the not cooking it through….well, I was inspired. I tried it out.

It turns out that the easiest pizza dough in the world is in fact, the easiest pizza dough in the world.

I made it from when Steve arrived last Tuesday and I think it took about 25 minutes from pouring yeast into the water to putting the first pizza into the oven. But I don’t remember that accurately, it was nearly a week ago.

The dough mixed together like a dream, instantly making itself spongy and good. I have had a lot of experience making bread from when I got obsessed with it as a teenager so I know a good dough when I see one. The recipe asks you to leave it to rise for just ten minutes, and that was plenty.

I made a double recipe so we could feed four people. The first pizza was super huge and by the end of the third one we were all stuffed. Double recipe = three pizzas = plenty. I topped them all with the same things because we didn’t think ahead enough to get multiple topping options. Tomato paste base, mushrooms, yellow capsicum, La Bella Italia salami (mild), chopped garlic and fresh mozzarella.

Oh yeah, look at the pizza.

The base went golden brown along the edges and pleasantly crisp on the bottom when baked on paper on tray. It kind of adhered to the pizza stone, which was slightly embarassing. The later pizzas had a thicker, breadier base because it was a hot day and the dough kept on rising. Lee would prefer a thinner base, so next time I’ll use the rolling pin instead of just my fingers. I’ll try and remember and take pictures of next time. I would have taken photos of the slices so you can see more detail but I’m afraid I was too busy eating.

It was amazing. So easy and delicious. I was seriously impressed with myself and crowned myself pizzioli of the house.


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