Things I Love Thursday

My friend Jen’s photoblog Why I love Wellington. It’s pretty new and small but there’s pretty pictures on it.

I made these rolls and they came out beautifully, light and fresh and bouncy. The extra butter smeared on the top at the end may have been overkill and I suspect you could easily reduce the sugar content but they are lovely. It turns out I can remember much from my teenage bread-baking days. Next: chocolate bread rolls. Nom.

It’s not often that People of Walmart makes me go ‘awwww’ but this one of soulmates is too sweet for words.

Roleplaying in the post-Kapcon haze is all good. Fall last night was pretty darn amusing (look for an actual play report tomorrow or Saturday), The book club tonight promises to be interesting and the levels of hype for the Camelot LARP go up by the minute. Plus I’m running my Silver Kiss game again soon.

My dreams have been really vivid and strange lately. I like that. I like waking up with some messed up version of the world in my head. Especially on grey, bleak days like today.

Honourable Mentions: the crispy corners of toasted sandwiches, glitter, quilting my T shirt quilt, Buffy season 4, our cleaner, Moby on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, picnics with friends, websites full of cute pictures, playing Zoo, playing Lego Batman, my Lee and good books.

Please share your own TiLT list in the comments πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Yeah, today’s was a tricky list to write. I’m actually in a pretty awful mood, but I keep on focussing on the good stuff and keeping my head above water!

    ❀ you Steve!

  2. TiLT

    – happy healthy baby
    – watching Beau and Sweets play
    – homemade toys (Knitted Golliwog FTW) and gifts
    – having some me time
    – hayfever medication
    – delicious fresh food

  3. Watching Aylas face as I turn regular old tinfoil into ‘princess jewellery’.
    Sophies determination of sitting on my lap, and the lengths that she will go to for this to happen.
    My hubby for he is wonderful!
    My friends, too numerous to mention and too important to ignore

  4. A bit late… but… Pretty and tasty yellow and red cherry tomatoes in the garden… all gone now but many green ones so more to come! I was even allowed to eat one πŸ™‚

    T’s delight when I told the story of him and his water dragon putting out the fire at daycare (then the boys had an argument about whether J’s Poppy or T’s River is cooler and T got sad cos J wouldn’t let him change River’s name to Poppy, but changed his gender and her colour so she is now red)

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