Fall Actual Play report – Losing ground part 2

Starting at school, right where we left off… Darius stares at the blue cube in his locker.
D: That’s original…actually, it is quite original.

Alex walks down the hall and sees Darius pulling blue goo out of his locker, she panics, assuming its demonic ooze. She stops running when he has a taste of it.
A: what happened?
D: I assume, well no, I know, the jocks did this because I threw coke over their cheerleader bimbos yesterday.

He empties everything out, the books, Nebby’s collar and photos are all ruined.
D: I don’t regret it. They treated Megan really badly. I don’t know what happened yesterday, but I got really angry.

Alex helps him clean out his locker some and they get to talking about the various supernatural threats they’re facing.

A: What do you think is going on with Calvin’s fixation with Xavier?
D: Well, he did try to curse him didn’t he?
A: Yeah…I guess that was pretty recent.

Darius deals with replacing his books, etc. He arrives late to his class. His hands are stained blue from the jell-o. As he comes in the door he is handed a note asking him to report to Principal Van Burg’s office. He goes, practising excuses. One of the coaches is also in the Principal’s office.
Principal: Have a seat, (he checks his paper) Darius. I’ve been talking with a few of the athletes at this school and I think it’s time you came clean.

The principal reveals that last night someone broke into the school and destroyed a large part of the playing field. They believe that Darius was the one who did it based on the opinions of several jocks.
Darius asks in what way the grounds were destroyed and the Principal heaves a huge size. Holes were dug, it turned out. 50 year old turf was ruined. Staff were inconvenienced.
Darius says that he doesn’t have anything against the athletes of the school, up until this morning. The Principal brings out a large list of incidents.
P: You’ve also been associating with certain bad elements… (Sophie and Jenni fist bump ‘that’s us!’)

P: How about the unprovoked attack on the cheerleaders yesterday?
D: You know how manipulative bitches, I mean, women can be. …Do you seriously think I could destroy a field on my own? In one night? Look at my hands! (He holds out his hands, the palms are blistered and the knuckles bruised from all the workouts he’s been doing. He snatches them back.)
Darius is sent to the counsellor to work through his ‘rage issues.’ He is convinced that he has been set up.

Counsellor: I understand that things have been difficult for you. With your parent’s passing.
Darius: Dying.
C: yes.
D: you can say it.

C: this is a safe place, you can say what you like in this room. It’s a room of truth.
D: You can’t handle the truth!!!
C: I know you think that, but I’m here to help.

At lunch Darius walks past the jocks. He salutes them ironically. One of them draws a finger across his throat. Darius responds with a Madonna-esque ‘Vogue’. He puts his tray down and mimes digging at them. He’s sitting deliberately at a new table which is mostly empty, not near Megan who is in a back corner. The unpopular kids who were already at the table move away from him, frightened.

Calvin sits down next to him and congratulates him for getting an empty table. Alex joins them with a giant stack of books. Megan skulks over as well.
Alex (re the books): It’s my action plan.
Darius: Oh yeah, I think I need one of them. I’ve been in her office all morning.
Calvin: The counsellor? She’s easy.
D: That’s what I’ve heard. No, I mean. What?
C: You probably don’t want to use the action plan, Alex just did that one yesterday. Ok, here’s what you do. You say you have had a change of heart and that you want to work through your issues.
Alex and Darius blink at him.
A: You are really good at that. The workarounds.
Calvin: well, I’ve spent a lot of time with her. (to D) Maybe squeeze a tear out. If you can.

Alex heads to the library, Darius goes back to the counsellor. Calvin and Megan go to investigate the damaged field and see if there’s any magical imagery going on.
In the office, Darius uses Calvin’s suggestions and bullshits the counsellor.

Calvin and Megan discover that the field has been decimated. Lots of large, dug up areas. There are 7 of them, probably too many for Darius to have done on his own. They notice as they walk through school that the jocks are actually annoyed about the damage so it was probably not them that did it. Self-sabotage to blame Darius was the current theory. It doesn’t look like there’s any occult significance to the pattern of holes. Megan finds a scrap of flesh attached to a pole. Calvin fails his notice roll so he finds a hole.
Megan: so we should be able to find the person who did it, like whoever is missing a bit of skin.
C: yeah, that’ll be easy. We’ll just go around everyone in school and look at them naked.

Megan also notices that the holes are all the same shape and size, no spade marks or anything. The bottoms of the holes have collapsed in. A groundskeeper comes over and tells them to leave.
G: I’ve got a lot of work to do.

On the way back into school, Calvin looks uncomfortable. He waits until they are in a deserted corridor and then turns to Megan, much more serious than usual.
C: you got a moment.
Megan: yeah.
C: You’re a girl, right?
C: Yeah, obviously you’re a girl. I just wondered if I could ask for your advice?
M: Yeah.
C: It’s just there’s this girl. And, I really like her. And I’ve been spending a lot of time with her and she’s really cool, and I’ve been doing all my usual things but they don ‘t seem to be working. I was just wondering if you…(Calvin shakes his head.) This is probably a stupid question. Never mind. Forget I said anything. (He walks away, looking embarrassed and frustrated.)
Megan dithers, panics and lets him leave.

Back in the office of healing Darius considers telling the counsellor the truth and proving it with his telekinesis. He will not admit to having anything to do with the field. Darius vents some of his actual emotions to her.

Megan finds Alex in the library, trying to write as many essays as she can so that she can catch up. She asks how the field was.
Megan: It was weird…
A: So, there were holes in the field.
M: I think Calvin might love you.
A puts her pen down: Are you on crack?
M: No.
A: have you been playing with the mirror again?
M: no.
A: I really don’t think he is. Tell me about the field.
M: Yeah, he said…(she relates the conversation with Calvin.)
A: He probably means Gina.
M:… Oh yeah.

Megan draws a plan of how the field looked. They discuss what might have made them.
M: Oh and there was a really icky bit of skin.
A: did you grab it?
M:… no.
Alex goes back to writing essays. Megan points out a couple of errors in Alex’s work and then decides to stay to proofread.

Calvin and Mason have a long, almost entirely silent heart to heart. Calvin comes out of it feeling comforted and at one with the world.

After school the gang meets up at the front entrance.
Calvin: how’d it go?
D: Pretty good, I took your advice.
Alex: God, school work is so boring. When did it become so boring?
C: it was always boring. It’s just that you were boring too.
A: Thanks Calvin, always…
C: Telling it like it is.

They all pile into Kermit and drive past the field, eyeballing it to see how the progress on repairs is. The older groundsman is sitting on a bench sobbing. The younger groundsman is trying to fix the field. Most of the holes are filled in now, they’re raking over the grass to cover the holes.
A: I think the best thing to do is to bribe them. We can go grab some donuts, go back, say we’re from the lacrosse team and that we’re really sorry for them.
M: Except we can’t exactly dig it up can we?
A: They’ll be distracted.

Although not completely understanding of the plan, Calvin drives them to the donut store.
Alex asks Calvin what his favourite donuts are.
C: All of them?
D: Bear claws?
Alex comes back with lots of donuts. Tosses one to Calvin, who eats it happily.

Alex charms the groundskeeper with the donuts and the flattery. Darius cranes over the fence and takes a look at the holes. The dirt has been compacted into the holes, the turf has been matched up, jigsaw style.

Calvin and Darius talk about how Alex wants the skin back so much. Calvin points out that they’re not CSI and there’s not much they can do with the skin.
Darius: we could clone a copy of whatever it was from the skin.
C: Yeah and then we could clone a velociraptor. I bet they’re great at killing vampires.
D: That would be so cool.
C: Yep.

Alex goes home to keep the peace with her family. Megan, Darius and Calvin head back to Darius’s to research.
Calvin: do you have a lot about excavation in your magical library?
Megan: I’ve got a like giant worm thing theory. I can’t get it out of my head.
C: Like Dune?
D: totally.

Calvin drops Alex back home.
Jared makes fun of Alex as she comes in, ‘how’s your boyfriend?’
Alex: Shut up Jared! (runs upstairs.)
Alex changes clothes, puts on some impressive combat boots from the army surplus store that Calvin told her about.

As Alex leaves Jared says ‘hey Dad, can you give me a ride over to James’s place? I’m spending the night there.’
Dad: sure, son.
Alex jumps on her bike and rides furiously through the night to Darius’s.

Darius, Megan and Calvin research giant worm monsters, order in Chinese food. Alex comes in and picks up a book which happens to be the one with the answers in it. It’s a Gulk demon. The larvae of these demons dig holes to find places to rest and find nutrients. The larvae are huge, and they come out much bigger. They find a suitable spot, bury themselves and emerge like Mothra styles, giant buggy beetles. They eat a lot of meat. They’re behind a lot of stories of cattle mutilations.
When they look at the local papers it looks like there have been a number of reports of this kind of thing. The weaknesses are it’s slow and it wants to eat a lot of meat. The body decomposes quickly once it dies.

Calvin: flame thrower?
D: No.
M: No.
C: Big bug, flame thrower. Problem solved.
A: Hmmm.
C: Or we could get that grenade launcher from the surplus store.
D + M + A: NO!
Alex: You saw a grenade launcher? How much did you spend there?
Calvin: a bit.

Calvin: so you want to get a really big fly swatter?
A: No, I want to get some meat.
C: That’s obvious.

Alex and Darius hide together under the bleachers with weapons. Megan and Calvin go to the supermarket for meat.
Megan: you could magic the field so its better.
D: what do I look like, Harry Potter?
C: Well, English, dark hair, glasses, magic…orphan.

In the car Megan tries to talk to Calvin.
Megan: you were asking earlier?
Calvin: what?
M: You were asking for advice about Gina?
C: What?
M: I thought you were asking about Alex. But then I realised it wasn’t her.
C:… (stares ahead at the road. Refuses to look at her. His knuckles go white from clenching the steering wheel.)
M: So if you need some advice, you know, as a friend…I’m here.
C: OK… it’s OK.
Calvin turns the music up loud in his car so she won’t be tempted to continue talking.

While Alex and Darius lie together under the bleachers they can hear a huge thrumming sound. Like a giant underground cicada.
A: you know, it’s been really good to share these dangerous situations with you.
D: Yeah, I hear you. Maybe, we could survive some.
A: So far so good.
There’s a slight shaking. Alex pulls out an axe. There’s a light rain which is keeping people from hanging around, conveniently enough.
D: I’m getting dripped on.
A: Is that Kermit? Why is the music up so loud?
Megan staggers over with a hamper of ribs. Calvin has half a pig slung over his shoulder. The ground erupts in front of them. Megan wields her torch, illuminates the feelers sticking out of the hole. There’s a hulking silhouette of a gigantic beetle thing. Alex throws the axe, runs towards the beastie with the machete. She hits it with the axe, chops into one of the wings. The thrumming noise is reduced significantly.
Calvin climbs up onto the bleachers by the meat, aims his crossbow. Megan picks up a spade. Stays by the meat.

The beetle has noticed something, it turns and springs up over the slayer and heads towards the meat. It lands with a thump in front of Megan and the meat. Megan hits it with the spade. Calvin hits the beetle with a crossbow bolt, it roars with pain. Calvin and Darius are looking right at the beetle when it releases a pulse of light from its raised tail that blinds them both. Alex and Megan manage to look away in time and retain their vision.

Alex runs up to the beetle and launches herself onto its back. She slashes at it with the machete in the neck. It howls in pain again, staggers some. The howl is weird and eerie. Alex clings to its back, hoping she doesn’t get thrown off.
Darius hunkers down, listening hard. Calvin sits down on the bleachers, feels for the bolts and manages to load the crossbow back up.

Alex is lifted off the back of the beetle, magically. She starts slowly moving away from the bug. It’s as if an invisible hand has groped around, picked her up and is still fumbling. She grabs hold of the bug’s antennae and shouts Aah! What the hell! The machete drops. Darius is blindly waving his hands around.
D: Is it floating?
A: I’m floating!
D drops her. Alex swings down in front of the beetle’s mouth, the proboscis punches forward and hits her, going into her abdomen. Megan attacks the beetle with the spade, hitting it in the snozz. The proboscis retracts.

Calvin’s eyes have come clear and he fires the new bolt into the side of the beetle’s abdomen.
Darius shouts: It’s all your fault!
He hacks at the back end of the beetle with the axe. He slices above him with the machete he’s holding and the beetle dies, collapsing into green viscous goo all over him. Alex is thrown to the ground.

Calvin offers to patch Alex’s wound up but she declines. Calvin finds an old surf towel for Darius to sit on so he doesn’t drip on the upholstery. Back at Darius’s Alex asks Calvin to patch her up after all, since going home with a sucking wound isn’t the best look. He does a very good job on the first aid, much better than any previous first aiding he’s done. Alex then changes into a spare shirt she’s left at Darius’s and Calvin drops her home.

Calvin is driving Megan to her house when she broaches the subject of their conversation once more.
M: So, if it’s not Gina…and it’s not Alex…then…(she panics and gets out of the car at top speed, not allowing Calvin any time to respond.)

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