Antidotes to Monday

I’ve been feeling pretty miserable with a cold since last week, but I have managed to avoid despair by concentrating on the good stuff. I do this to a degree anyway, but I’m calling it Radical Self Love, because it’s Radical Self Love month and Steve sent me a brilliant email reminding me to outsource my worry and focus on what I wanted to do which instantly made me feel better. Forget guilt over not getting things done and give yourself some ‘me time’. For me this was lying about on the couch reading, interspersed with watching Buffy and having Maccas for lunch without judging myself.

Steve also pointed me at this brilliant article from Seth Godin about effort vs luck which is all sorts of comforting/inspirational. Yay Steve!

For an example of looking on the bright side: I was in a fragile mood on Saturday, which was not a good frame of mind to be playing Guinevere in, however, the Camelot LARP was held in a beautiful setting, I caught up with a number of good friends and there are so many stunning photos of everyone in costume that it was all worthwhile. (Besides that, I achieved my aims, did NOT cause the fall of Camelot and managed to wrangle extra magic out of Nimue with the GMs help. Camelot shall have a true heir! None of this Mordred fellow!)

Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot

You can see more here, photos of nearly everyone in the LARP.

On Sunday I was minding my own business when a dragon went past. Where are Lancelot and Arthur when you need them? No one on twitter could provide a sufficient answer for this. Luckily it kept following its pretty sparkly ball to the waterfront.

I’ve been getting a lot of good books read while I’ve been feeling crappy, it’s so good to be able to escape into someone else’s world. I started The Yes Man by Daniel Wallace today and I’m really enjoying it. Its funny, conversational tone is easy to read and it’s the good type of self-help book that leads by example, rather than lecturing you. I saw the movie adaptation of it last year and rather liked it, but it’s always best to go to the source.

Finally, for a more teary kind of happiness, check out this video from the end of the Jim Henson memorial Muppet special where Robin sings ‘Just one person;’. Inspiration, emotion, muppets.


4 thoughts on “Antidotes to Monday

  1. Robin’s song made me have a good old bawl, which I needed. Make sure you keep taking care of yourself, and having all the you-time you need.

  2. Thanks for the effort vs luck… it is what I needed to read now… off to do some stats homework (cos I am slowly making the luck that will get me a job I love again and hopefully even one I can do in Welly) and WILL start blogging again soon but still working on having “something nice to say”

    I still and always love this version of “Just One Person”

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