writing Wednesday

In my editing of Rain I have noticed that my first chapter is long: it has a lot of world building and action in it, plus introduces all the main characters and gives them motivations. This is all well and good except, well, it’s long. My other chapters are all pretty short and to the point. Is this a bad thing? Should I break up chapter one and make it more bite sized, or is it OK to get all that drama done with and move on?
Your thoughts are welcome.

I’ve struggled to get as much done as I wanted to on editing this week, battling this minor-but-persistent cold. I’ve just finished doing chapter 6, which means I’m on page 28 (A4) sized. I’ve found a couple of lines that I’ve really enjoyed and I’m liking the characterisations now that I know more about them. Still positive about the manuscript, even if I’m finding it hard to think straight with the cold brain.

Mini linky…. a good article of
formatting tips
for digital articles.

Not about writing but about the importance of writing…Neil Gaiman’s article on free speech is worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “writing Wednesday

  1. ok what is happening that you need the world building done up front? is there a way to make it come on a little slower and break the chapter into two?

  2. Hey Paul, in terms of world building it’s not up front so much as the main character discovering it through adversity.

    Debbie has sent me a good suggestion about how I could cut much of the current second chapter and break the first chapter up so I’m mulling.

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