Things I Love Thursday

I’m pretty sick of being sick. This Thursday I am especially thankful for Buffy on DVD, codral, hot lemon barley drinks, blankies, sleeping, hot baths and aloe vera tissues.

This rather meta/universal subconscious dream that Morgue had.

Uglies movie is happening! I ❤ those books, and I'm keen to see how they make them into a movie.

I’ve been enjoying the Radical Self Love stuff that Gala’s been linking to and I’m looking forward to completing the latest set of homework. My RSL journal is filling slowly, mostly due to the cold I’ve got and the business of my week.

Roleplaying is awesome right now. Thanks to the Wellington contingent of NZLARPS we have been rich in the live games, besides that I had my Tuesday night game this week (Call of Cthulhu is too scary for me, but it was fun) and another ep of Fall last night (update tomorrow, it’s a good ‘un.) I am enjoying pretending to be other people.

Honourable Mentions: Zombieland, chicken tenders, fries, Noodle Canteen, Yeah I’m still obsessed with Noodle Canteen. In fact, I don’t think I’ve moved on much since last week’s one, because I also want to mention quilting my T shirt quilt, youtube videos, good books, my friends and my husband.

Please share your own list below:


9 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. The Big Fat Quiz of the Year! Hosted by Jimmy Carr, with various panelists such as David Mitchell, Noel Fielding, Rob Brydon, Jonathan Ross, Russel Brand, Simon Pegg, Sean Lock… (6 in any given year). Silly jokes + quiz = fun!

    Been watching them on the youtube 🙂

  2. My loves this week:
    – My Amanda for planning lots of fun for my birthday
    – Roleplaying for just being fun
    – Webstock for stretching my mind and inspiring me

  3. This week I love
    -that I love running… it is satisfying loving something that was such a struggle a few months ago
    -my newly serviced bike, so fast, so smooth, so free of pedal clunk
    -playing with my deliciously geeky J… he drew a plan for a duplo police station… then we built it together
    -listening to my wee T talk… he expresses himself so well for 2.5… “When its MY birthday I want a pink motorbike party and I want to wear a pink motorbike suit and I want a pink motorbike to ride”

  4. omg I MUST have that quiz Matt mentioned!!

    On a Thursday, I was grateful, as always, for a lovelely (yes it’s a word, shuddup) hosted Movie Night:) And people who leave their chips for me;p And not having to wait for the generally fail wilty bus after aforementioned movie night because Snowball has found her way into town for me to drive home:)

  5. mmm, man, you have me wanting noodles so bad right now! I also want to watch zombieland, even though I watched it a few days ago.
    Lovely list!

    I actually started writing my TILT in my RSL Bible, the downside is, I forgot to photograph and post it on a thursday!

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