Fall actual play – ‘Reaching my limits part 1’

Alex is trying to do everything: keep her action plan going, keep her parents happy, patrolling. She’s surviving on three hours sleep or so a night.

Friday at school. Green goo covers the field where the monster burst out. Everyone seems to think that Darius did it and is giving him a wide berth in the hallways. People go silent as he walks by and then start whispering once he’s past. Darius is enjoying this. In the cafeteria the jocks aren’t even making eye contact with him, he gets his own table again. Calvin joins him.

C: Have you seen Megan?
D: No. Why?
C: She said something weird to me last night.
D: what did she say?
C: I…just think she got the wrong idea about something…
D: That does happen with us quite a lot.

Alex sits down next Darius with a massive pile of books.
A: It’s been ages since we went to The Limit. We should go there, like tonight.
D: Sounds good.
C: Yeah, I’m in.

Alex goes to the library to work on her essays, grabbing an apple on the way out.

D: I kinda hope they do bail me up in the hallway because then I could have an excuse.
C: sounds like you need to go killing vampires, it’s a good way to vent.
D: yeah, maybe.

Alex goes home from school, does homework, has dinner with her family, says she’s going to do work on her science project and slays some vamps in the cemetery, comes home, then asks her parents if its alright if she goes out to the Limit. Her mother is concerned but her father allows her to go, with a curfew.
Alex’s mum: you do need to have some fun, you’ve been looking so tired lately.

Calvin asks Gina to come to The Limit, she says she will, (we haven’t seen much of her because she’s been ‘finding herself’ lately). At The Limit they eat pizza and none of the cheerleaders come to sit with Calvin. Darius’s behaviour has affected their opinion of Calvin since they sit together at lunch.

Fashion update as it has been a while since the characters went out: Darius is wearing a nice shirt with a loose tie, Alex is wearing tight jeans with boots over the top, a short sleeved faux cowboy shirt over a singlet and a jacket over the top, Calvin is wearing designer jeans and this shirt.

Alex arrives, forces her way to the bar and purchases a drink, then turns to look around the room for someone cute. When Darius walks across the room the crowd parts, he appears taller than normal because he usually slouches. Alex notices him, because of the parting of the people.
D: Hi, just call me Moses.
A: Nice biblical reference. Nice tie.
D: Thanks.
A: You know, I never noticed how tall you are.
D shrugs.
A; you wanna dance?
Alex and Darius dance, Darius does acrobatic jumping and spinning in the air. Really impressive/weird. The other dancers move out to give him room, forming a circle.

Gina and Calvin watch from their booth.
Gina: Is Darius possessed?
Calvin: I don’t know.
G: Is this how he normally acts?
C: No.
G: well, given the way things work with you guys, shouldn’t we investigate?
C: It’s possible that this is just how he dances.

After the song, Alex and Darius nod to each other and then continue dancing with less jumping and dancing.

Darius goes to sit with Calvin and Gina. Alex dances on her own for a bit, it looks like the other guys are kind of intimidated by the ghost of Darius but after a while a guy called Devon comes over to dance with her. She dances with him for two songs and then ditches him on the dance floor.

Alex sits at the booth for a while, asks Gina what she’s been up to.
Gina: I’ve been finding myself. I mean, reading lots. There’s a whole world out there.
Alex: yes there is.
Gina: The book, I get it now, Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. It didn’t make a lot of sense the first time I read it.
C: did you have On the Road? By Kerouac?
G: I never read it.
C: That would make no sense.
G: It didn’t make sense anyway.
C: It made sense. It wouldn’t make sense if it was all in the same city.
Gina talks about going away, exploring the world.
C: …You might not want to go to New York.
G: why?
C: that’s where the Gina from this world is.
G: Oh.

Alex: so, let’s dance, Gina? Darius?
Darius: Maybe you should sit a while longer, rest maybe?
Alex: I’m fine. OK? I’m fine.
Calvin: no one’s arguing with you.
Darius: we wouldn’t dare.
Alex drags Gina onto the dance floor and let’s loose.

Calvin: do you think Alex is alright?
D: well she’s a bit hyper. We’ve all been going through some changes…NOT puberty.
C: I wasn’t…
D: I just thought I’d get in there before…
C: Trust me, I wasn’t going there.

Alex suddenly realises that she’s lost track of time. She asks Gina what the time is, it’s getting way too close to her curfew. She panics. Gina asks her if she needs a ride home and Devon, who’s been dancing with them, offers to give Alex a lift home. She accepts, gratefully and says goodbye to Darius and Calvin.
As they leave, Daarius and Calvin eye up Devon. I told Dan (the GM) that Calvin was trying to work out if Devon was a vampire. Dan said “he’s totally a vampire.”

Calvin: Have you met that guy before?
Darius: No.
C: I just think there’s something creepy about him…
D: Alex can take care of herself.
C: What if he’s a vampire?
D: More fool him.
C: Yeah, but what if he takes her in his car and takes her to a building full of vampires?
D: More fool them.
C: But she’s not that good against a lot of them.
D: True. Look, what’s up, you’re being strangely protective.
D: Is it Calvin and Alex up a tree? K. I. S. S.I-
Calvin gives Darius a look.
D: Sorry.
C: I just think it’s weird. Alex is the danger magnet right?
D: Yeah.
C: …and she just left with someone she’s never met before.
D (sarcastic): I guess you’re going to suggest we follow her now.
C: Well, now that you mention it…
D: Alex is the slayer. What could go wrong?
After about a minute Calvin says he’s going to split. Darius complains. Calvin asks Gina if she’s ok for a lift home, and Darius offers to drive her.

Gina: He’s been kinda distant. I mean, he’s always been kinda distant, but yeah. It’s like he’s been preoccupied. Calvin has been strange recently.
Darius is understanding and a good listener. Which seems to make Gina uncomfortable.

Gina texts Calvin: are you sure he’s not possessed?
Calvin texts back: No.
A half minute later Calvin texts again: I think it’s fine.

Calvin creepily stalks drives by Alex’s house to check she got home alright. There is no light on in Alex’s room. Conflicted, Calvin drives through town, comes back round to Alex’s house to look at the window again. He dithers for a moment, cursing his incredibly recognisable car. Eventually he tells himself to stop being an idiot and drives himself home.

Alex is at home, but because she was later than curfew, she is talking with her parents in the kitchen who are disappointed. They have had a discussion while she was out and are determined to be disappointed in her and also tell her about it. Alex nods, smiles, says the right things and then goes to bed. Once the house is quiet she sneaks out.

Alex, on patrol, takes a short cut through a park and finds a young teenage boy who has been savagely mauled. Very dead. She texts Calvin.
A: R U awake
C: Yup
A: Just found a body in Maryland park, any chance you could come down?
C: B there soon

Alex texts Darius, asks him to come in. Darius says he is still at the club with Gina. Alex says she doesn’t want to interrupt anything. He eventually texts back to ask what’s going on and Alex catches him up on the dead body situation.

Calvin uses an anonymous SIM in his phone to call in ambulance. He doesn’t stay on the phone long, just gives the location and that they have to come. Alex is checking out around the area, looking for tracks. She can’t see much in the darkness. The wounds on the body look similar to Megan’s arm did after the Hell Hound attack.

Alex: You want the good news or the bad news?
Calvin:…uh, bad news.
A: I think it’s the Hell Hounds.
C: That *is* bad news. (beat.) Wait, you said there was good news, what’s the good news?
A: there isn’t any.
Alex examines the body further, the head has been chewed open.
Alex: It’s definitely the Hell Hounds. So yeah, that was supposed to be the good news, that it might not be the Hell Hounds. The bad news is that it’s definitely the Hell Hounds.
C: You are the worst person ever for giving good news.

Alex and Calvin walk further into the park to track the Hell Hounds and not be near the body when the authorities get there. Flashing lights pull up next to Kermit. There’s one cop car and one ambulance.

Alex’s plan is to walk further into the park, canvass the area and look for any trace of the hounds. Calvin goes with her. They don’t find anything in the dark. There are a couple more police cars around the carpark, so Calvin and Alex walk out the other side, leaving Kermit behind. Darius drives past and keeps driving when he sees the cop cars.

Alex texts Darius and says it’s Hell Hounds and that they will meet at his place tomorrow to plan.
C: where would a Hell Hound live?
A: The sewers?
C: The house of the person who summoned it?
A: I reckon the sewers.
Calvin walks Alex home, sees that she goes in her window safely and gets a cab home.

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