Writing Wednesday

I took yesterday off writing to spend time with a friend about to go back to London for a year. It was so worth it. We drove up to Mt Vic lookout and then went to the mall. While driving and malling and looking out we talked about various things, including writing. He let me blather on a bit about Rain and what the major themes are and somewhere in that conversation some things clarified for me. It was awesome, and it meant I had no trouble with motivation today.

I did a chapter’s worth of revision, taking me up to page 42 in the manuscript. Then I went back and broke up chapter 1 in one of the places Debs suggested. She has also suggested that I lose much of chapter 2, so I am going to read that again because I think she’s very right. I just don’t want to delete it all because there’s some good moments I might want to cannibalise for later in the book.

I also did some work on my RPG project, the fancy, sellable version of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon. Steve has given me a number of brilliant suggestions on making that more awesome, so my edit is well guided. I want to get this done so I can send it to my artists (hee!) and they can get started on some doodles for it. Ultimate goal for this is to sell it online as a PDF for a couple of dollars, so watch this space!

Now I think it is time to bake myself in the afternoon sunshine.

Hearty, beefy and delicious writing linky:

A rather lovely little bit of encouragement.

Forget multi-tasking. Could monofocus be the true power of the human mind? (Actually my own experience of turning off the internet to get writing done illustrates this perfectly.)

Loving this article about the word ‘said’. This is something that I pat a lot of attention to in my own writing and therefore agonise over.

Writers describe the positive effect of D&D on their writing from Boing Boing. I haven’t watched the video on that one yet.

This makes me sad, but it also makes me more motivated to keep writing stories about women! Three males to every female character.

“Difference between the right word & wrong word is same as the difference between lighting & a lightning bug.”
– Mark Twain


2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday

  1. Debs suggestions sound like the vague ideas I had on first reading the chaps but haven’t managed to write down for you!! So …uh… that’s good…

    *feels bad*

    But hooray for clarifying themes 🙂 And hooray for the fact that you are still writing steadily – go you!

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