Things I Love Thursday

I am excited about readers and writers week. In addition to the Neil Gaiman town hall talk, which I have had tickets for since last year, I have booked to see Audrey Niffenegger talk and also Neil Gaiman in conversation with Kate De Goldi and Margo Lanagan. That last one is going to be on the nature of children’s books, so should be pretty awesome. Also I will be meeting up with lovely friends afterwards.

Doing stuff! That’s nice and vague. Let’s clarify a little: saw two movies at the cinema this week, love doing that (Valentines Day and Sherlock Holmes again), went to see Lee’s play with a heap of friends and had a grand time, hung out with J on Tuesday, drove up Mt Vic look out and then went to the mall, dinner with heaps of friends that night too and coffee after. Lunch with friends plus people coming over to watch movies. I like my friends, I like going out and doing stuff. Say yes more!

I also love NOT doing stuff. In moderation, there’s nothing like a day where you have nothing planned, you don’t have anything you have to achieve and you can just lie on the couch all day watching DVDs or reading or napping. Bliss.

The company of men. Lately I’ve really been enjoying hanging out with my guy friends. This might be more to the nature of the particular boys who are in my life, rather than an indication that boys are fun in general but either way, I like boys. Not to say I don’t enjoy the company of my female friends, but I think I’m seeing more of my guy friends than previously and I like it.

Although I have been slack about it, I have been doing work on my Radical Self Love bible and I have to say that it’s making me feel pretty darn awesome. Talking about this stuff and then playing with writing it down. I got the idea to make a page for each of my big five (three or maybe four) for life and then write all the ways I can work towards each goal. It just occurred to me that I should also write lists of all the things I have already done that celebrate my best possible me as well. That will be nice.

I highly recommend this project by the way, even if you just get a notebook and do some of the easier exercises in it. Everyone needs to remind themselves of how awesome they are. Click on the picture above to get all of Gala’s posts on RSL including the homework assignments.

Honourable Mentions: sunshine, bare feet, going to the movies with 15 minutes notice, eating at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen (esp baby back ribs), The Yes Man by Danny Wallace, house guests, drinks with friends, planning weekends away, looking forward to roleplaying, clean sheets, darling husbands, home made pizza base with yummy toppings and other people saying nice things.

Please add your own list of thankfulness below, we had lots of them last week, let’s try and beat that record!


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. -“Breakthrough Conflict” course I went on at work today… Best communication course I ever went on, I learnt heaps I think… about conflict and how I deal with it and they gave us each a free copy of their latest book to read too!

    -The awesome fire engine in J’s birthday fire station set… has a “hydraulic” extendable ladder on a turntable and a flip top and a wind on hose… was tricky to put together though… still have the fire station to assemble

    -Two days til triathlon and I’m getting pretty excited

    -Your TILT, which has become a regular part of my weekly “staying positive” routine… Thank you Jenni!

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