One cool thing

Due to my brother’s gentle peer pressure (in which he described it and said someone should do it for Kapcon and then I said I SHALL DO IT!) I am going to do something like this for Kapcon next year.

Who are you and what’s one cool thing you saw….

And in there was Emily Boss who created the RPGirl magazine that I had an article published in. Which is discussed here in a pod cast. I think it’s about 35 minutes into the podcast.

I am excited to make this video already. I think I shall do one for Day of Games. Because I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “One cool thing

  1. Ooh! I’d wait. Do it at Kapcon where you have more people to interview. It’ll be worth the wait I think!

    (That being said, it makes me want to do it at Wolfgang’s in May!!!)

    ❤ you. 🙂

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