Fall – Actual Play report ‘Reaching my limits part 2’

Megan and Alex text each other. There is a slightly odd text conversation about how Megan is happy because that thing she talked to Alex about in the library the other day. “It’s not you and it’s not Gina :)” she says. Alex is slightly confused.

Alex sleeps in later than normal, talks to her family and then heads off on her bike towards Darius’s.

Darius texts Calvin to find out what happened the night before. It’s early morning and Calvin is sleeping in, so he takes about 20 minutes to reply.
D: So did you get busted by the fuzz last night?
C: …No. Left the car there.

Alex cycles past the park and sees it’s cordoned off, the place is crawling with police and their dogs. One of the dogs starts barking at Alex as she goes past. Kermit is also cordoned off.

Around 10am the doorbell at Calvin’s goes. He lies in bed waiting to see if someone else in his house will get it. He hears his sister talking to someone and soon there is a knock on his bedroom door. Martha opens the door ‘Calvin? There are some police here who want to talk to you.’
Calvin gets up, fan-service-ly showing off his buff, naked chest. He pulls on a T shirt to go with his boxers and heads downstairs. There are two plain clothes policemen sitting in his kitchen drinking coffee. Officer Jacobs is the ‘bad cop’ kind of one, and he asks Calvin to co-operate, giving them some information about his whereabouts the night before.
Calvin calmly and convincingly explains that he was at The Limit for a while, came home, got a text from a friend and went to see her. He says they went for a walk and he left his car by a park because he was too tired to drive home. He gives them the name of the cab company he used to get home. They ask to search his car.
Calvin (thinks about the strong box full of vampire hunting weaponry in the back of his car:… I should probably call my family lawyer in before I answer any more questions.
Jacobs: If that’s the way you want to play it, son.
Calvin: Yeah. Yeah it is.

Megan arrives at Darius’s looking really, really good. Haircut, new clothes, looking chirpy. Darius looks around suspiciously for a vase. There is no Darius beating, Megan has just made an effort today and she is in a great mood.

While riding her bike, Alex gets a call on her cellphone.
Martha: Hi Alex, it’s Martha. Um, I think Calvin’s in some trouble. They’re asking some questions about last night, your name came up, it looks pretty bad.
Alex: Uh…
Martha: I wouldn’t have let them in but he didn’t tell me about last night, about how suspicious it looks. They’ve asked to search his car.
Alex: Oh. Bad.
Martha: I don’t know if there’s anything you guys can do, but I thought I’d better call. Look, I’ve got to go, otherwise they’ll start wondering where I am.

Alex storms into Darius’s place having cycled super-speed through town to get there.
Alex looks at Megan: Are you evil?
Megan: No? Why?
Alex: Never mind. Calvin might be in trouble!
Darius: And the difference is?
A: the police are over at his house, he might be arrested.
D: and the difference is?
A: you don’t seem concerned…
She catches them up on the whole situation and they try and work out some way to help clear Calvin’s name.

They all come up with different plans, exploding Kermit, shifting Kermit into another dimension for a couple of hours, magically remove the weapons from the trunk, making them invisible…Megan goes online and hacks the police database to find evidence. Alex decides to go to the station to spin them a story about how she discovered the dead body, freaked out, texted a trusted friend and then they were both so disturbed that they left without doing anything.
Darius finds a spell called ‘just around the corner’ which twists the world in a specified way, so whatever is there is somewhere else. It requires two people, line of sight, target can’t be moving and it will last as long as he keeps concentrating. They decide though, that moving the car out of this dimension is probably going to raise more suspicion than it relieves.

Darius researches again and finds a spell called fuck the world transform reality. He decides to do it, after all, changing the nature of reality is exactly what they need to do.

Alex arrives at the police station, before she goes in she makes sure she looks as distressed as possible, which she finds easier than she would have expected. She even squeezes out a tear. She runs in and says ‘you’ve got to help me, I found a dead body last night!’
The receptionist cop asks her to sit down and and wait a minute. Alex starts having hysterics and screams ‘I found a dead body last night!’ the receptionist cop brings out a female cop to deal with her, who takes her into a side room and comforts her.

Megan, l337 haXor gets into the cellphone provider website and manages to deletes the text history between the gang, with the exception of the one Alex sent Calvin about the body. Just in case they search through Calvin’s phone.

Darius drives out to the park to do his spell. His intention is to make Kermit look like an ordinary, harmless humvee. He wants the back of the car to include tools, gas and jumper cables rather than the weaponry that it actually holds. Plus a pink fluffy bunny, because he’s just like that. It appears to work, but he can’t tell if there’s any difference, because he can’t see inside Kermit. There’s no eye bleeding, no rush of power, but he thinks he succeeded. (Norm used a drama point and rolled a ten so ended up having 30 points or so for his success.)

Police show up to search Kermit, they search it very thoroughly and appear to be trying to ‘get the rich kid’ but they don’t find anything but the tools and a pink bunny.

The police tell Calvin off for not telling them the whole truth, given that a member of the public came forward with some more information. He is not that contrite, but signs off the form to say that the car is in the same state as it was before. His ipod is weirdly full of his parent’s music. Almost as if there is no pirated music on there at all. He drives it straight to Darius’s house to get this fixed. Megan and Darius come out to meet him, and he shows them the contents of the trunk.

They sort through the previous weapons, which are now tools.
Calvin picks up the bunny: this yours?
Darius: No, it’s yours. Well, it was.
Megan: End it. It’s creepy.
Darius: It’s cool.
C: It’s no big, I mean, I can buy more stuff, it’s just weird you know.
D: It is weird.
C: But hey, not in prison! (Calvin and Darius terrorist fist bump.)

Alex turns up and goes inside to research Hellhounds. Megan experiments with dropping a wrench to see if it wedges into the ground like a stake. It doesn’t. Calvin realises that the coat he’s wearing (his impressive black leather duster) feels lighter, like it’s not armoured anymore. And he didn’t leave that in his car, he was wearing it for the drive over.

C: No, you have to change it back. I went in there and my coat’s come out different. You go in there, you come out ordinary. It’s not okay.
To test the extent of the magical effect, they put in an axe, it changes into a foam hand. They decide to try it on the magic mirror, because Calvin is reckless and Darius is impressed with himself.
Alex notices them moving the magic mirror and freaks out, telling them off for messing with evil Megan’s source of power. They argue that if they put it in the car it will become an ordinary mirror and no longer a threat. While they argue Darius’s hands start bleeding from where he held the foam hand.
Alex: You see? It’s changed, but it’s still what it was!
Alex and Calvin take the mirror back into the basement. There’s a touching scene…She turns to go up the stairs.
Calvin: hey, thanks for earlier today. With the police. I’m guessing you were the member of the public that came forward?
Alex: No problem, you’d have done the same.

Darius does another spell in the kitchen, this one is to remove the magical effects on a given target. The aim is to fix Kermit. The others sit on the stairs a safe distance away, Alex is reading, Calvin’s ordering pizza for dinner and Megan is watching Darius closely.
Darius completes the spell, feels some sort of magical tingle. They troop outside to look in Kermit. The weapons are all still innocent looking tools and a pink bunny.

Alex: Stop doing magic. Maybe we should just leave the car for a while and see if it wears off on its own.
Megan: Yeah, you could move it into your garage.
D: But who’s going to move the car?
C: I’ll do it, it’s my car. I drove it before.
M: be careful.
C: yeah whatever.

Alex: OK, well we should go out and find the hellhounds. If we can’t use the machetes from Kermit we’ll other weapons.
She goes around the house and picks up a battleaxe from the wall. It’s too heavy for her to handle and she drops it. It becomes clear that somehow Darius’s spell has removed the magical effect from Alex. She is no longer a slayer. She becomes overwhelmed with tiredness and goes to sleep on the couch.

Calvin: You need to get another opinion. You need to call those witches in England.
Darius: Oh yeah, because they’re really helpful.
Calvin: yeah, they were.
Megan: They put your head back in the right body.
Darius: Yeah, and they were really sarcastic about it.

Darius doesn’t want to call, but Megan remembers the number with her photographic memory and dials. The voice on the end of the phone: We’ve been expecting your call, one of our pre-cogs warned us.
D: well, shouldn’t you have called us and stopped us from doing it?
Voice: That’s not the way these things work. Basically you’ve messed with reality a bit too much today.
Darius yells at the voice a bit too much. Megan steals the phone off him and takes over the conversation.
Voice: I’ve sent a guide to help you, since you don’t have a watcher.
Calvin: Who’s the guide?
V: Should be with the slayer.
The ventriloquist’s dummy Sid is sitting by Alex and checking out her boobs.
Calvin: dude, not cool.
Sid winks at him.
Calvin: that is spooky.
Sid: I’m Sid.
C: Calvin. (They shake hands.) The loud one’s Darius. He’s a bit upset.
Sid stands up on Alex’s stomach. Calvin picks him off and sets him on the ground.
C: why don’t you take this conversation into the library so that she can sleep?
Sid, Megan and Darius leave Calvin in the lounge with Alex.

Alex jerks awake, startled just as Calvin is laying a blanket over her. She gets the whole story from Sid and Darius.

Alex, when she finds out that she doesn’t have slayer powers any more is quite pleased. She is keen to have her old life back, go back to normal. She goes out to the front step and talks to Megan.
A: I don’t want be the slayer. I want things to go back to the way they were.
Megan tries to play the whole responsibility thing, but Alex says if she’s an ordinary person then it’s not her responsibility anymore.

Megan goes back inside to give her space. There’s rustling in the bushes nearby and she moves back into the front door. After some emo staring into the middle distance she goes back in and tells Sid to do what he has to do to get her slayer powers back. He explains that there’s a focus, meditation thing that should turn her slayer potential back into fully-fledged powers. He requests a private room and silence do it in.

Alex: Can I have someone, just watching?
Sid: I don’t really want the distractions…
Megan: I’ll be really quiet.
Alex: Wait, what’s Calvin doing?
M: what do you mean?
A: Never mind.

Sid gets Alex to stare into a crystal and find the flaw. He starts talking and she goes into a hypnotic trance. Alex sees the crystal light up and then she passes into it, she finds herself inside a crystal room. She sees a black pool around her shadow, it’s seeping up, following the lines of the crystal. The ground starts shaking, Alex crouches down. A crack opens in the floor and a black amorphous shape comes out of it. Alex scrambles back away from the shape.

It moves towards her, lunges at her and envelopes her. She feels it seep into her skin. She screams but doesn’t fight it off. It starts to move under her skin in a really creepy and icky way. She forms fists and drives her hands into the ground, trying her hardest not to react to it. She feels it trying to access her mind, and she starts to fight back with everything she has. The blackness of fighting and killing is fighting against Alex’s sense of who she is. She falls down in the crystal world, in the real world there is a crash. Megan has gone into a hypnotic trance as well, staring at the crystal.

Calvin and Darius run upstairs to check what’s going on. Sid is trying to take her temperature with his wooden hand and getting annoyed with himself.
Calvin asks if she is alright.
Sid: I guess she had a few issues to work through. It looks like she went a couple of rounds with herself. She might be rejecting part of her nature…Also she’s probably quite uncomfortable, she fell off the chair.
Calvin scoops Alex up and turns to Darius: Is there a spare bed…that I could…she could use?
D: yeah, just through there.
Calvin carries her through and lays her on the bed.

Megan follows in about 30 seconds and sits by Alex, patting her forehead and making sure she’s comfortable. Calvin sits on a chair nearby. Darius stands in the doorway drinking tea. After about ten minutes she comes awake, eyes glowing and leaping about on all fours. She bats Megan away, throwing her across the room. She leaps across the room and picks Darius up and dangles him threateningly.
Alex speaks with an eerie echoey double voice: No more magic! More reading!
She drops him on the ground and crumples into a foetal position. Calvin lifts her back onto the bed and then notices that Megan is still crumpled in the corner.
Calvin: are you ok?
M: mmm?
He first aids her a bit, poorly. He says that she shouldn’t fall asleep due to the head injury and suggests they watch TV.
Darius goes to sleep. Calvin and Megan sit together on the couch and Megan realises that it’s not her that he’s in love with.

In the morning the newspaper headlines read “another body found.”

Alex wakes with a scream, Sid tells her not to worry, talks her back to the real world. Megan comes in to check on Alex, a huge bruise along one side of her face. Alex asks how she got that. Calvin appears in the doorway to say “you.”

Sid plays exposition boy and tells them about Buffy, Faith and her friends and how they activated all the slayer potentials.
Alex: Buffy, Faith and Willow are these people for real?
Sid: You’re talking to a wooden dummy.
Sid: there are a few demons with a conscience. There’s one vampire with a soul.
Calvin: that sounds retarded.

Alex asks Sid that if he comes across any watchers, to send them to Fall River, because they could do with some guidance.
Sid brings them up to speed on the slayer army, extra dimensions, the balance of good and evil. He says he can’t promise that he can send a watcher around, but he offers to pop in and look in on them from time to time. Sid tells Darius what he remembers of his parents, he knew his father when he was a rogue demon hunter.

Darius gets angry, demands that Sid give him more guidance on using magic. Sid tries to help, suggests various analogies for walking before you run and starting with small spells before the big ones. Darius is resistant to it, saying that if he can do the really powerful stuff, why shouldn’t he?

Sid came downstairs and calls for a magical extraction. Alex is having a giant bowl of cereal, Megan is sitting with her. Calvin is outside running around with Nebby. The newspaper article says that the new body was found near Maryland park. When Alex maps out where the bodies have been found it seems to make a straight line heading out of town, towards the forest.

The police reports that Megan tracks down online reveal that all the bodies have been found with the brains removed. They haven’t seen anything like it before and they’re speculating that it’s bears or wolverines doing the attacking. Alex suggests they go out that night to track down the hell hound and stop it killing anyone else.

Once the others have left, Darius goes into the garage and tries the same spell again. He sends Nebby out, gets a possession that he is sure that no one else has ever touched and really really wants it to work. He gets a tingling sensation and it stays on him. The last time he felt it touch him and then move off to someone else. He feels a wave rush out from him and his ring looks like it used to. He looks in the back of the car, it seems like it is back to normal. The pink fluffy bunny is gone and the machetes are back.

When Alex turns up Darius apologises for the day before and then smugly puts an axe back on the wall. She looks at him, and then at him.
Alex: You messed up last night, and the thing I had to go through last night to get it back was so hard. You have no idea how hard it was. I will wake up screaming because of that. This stuff is bigger than you. It’s bigger than me. For all we know it will destroy the world.
Darius: but that’s why I have to do it, because it’s not a game. I don’t want to sit on my hands.
A: It’s not about grand gestures, remember what Sid said, start small.
D: Cards and books it’s not going to help.

Calvin drives up in his parents’ boring grey Lexus SUV. He gets out. Alex and Darius are glaring at each other. Darius heads back inside when Megan arrives.

Calvin: So….uh, are you ok?
Alex: Not really.
C: So, you want to go kill some stuff?
A: Yeah.

Inside, Darius boasts to Megan: I fixed Kermit
Megan: how?
D: Ooooh boogie boogie boogie boogie!
M: That’s not funny.
D: It was a little funny.

Alex and Calvin try to make a hellhounds hunting plan. They go and check out the map. Megan tracks down a couple of possibilities for where the hell hounds might be. They head to a butcher’s shop that seems likely and go around the back. They hear a bin being knocked down over in the shadows. Calvin moves towards it a couple of steps. There is a soft growl and something launches itself from the shadows.

Alex moves forward, gets between Calvin and the hell hound. It’s trying to get at her kneecaps but she dodges, her pants are torn though. Megan swings the torch around illuminating the hellhounds. None of our heroes are freaked this time, because we all rolled good on our fear checks. Thank goodness. Calvin swings his axe straight into the hell hound for an awesomely epic hit. Darius swings with his axe and hits as well. The combined strikes fell the hound which collapses at the feet of Alex. They are all showered with blood.

A light goes on in the building next door. Alex says ‘let’s go,’ her eyes looking all feral.
Darius: what about the body, shouldn’t we do something with it?
Calvin: Its not our problem.
Darius: Yet.
C: what are they going to do? “You killed an animal we don’t believe exists. We’re really angry?”
D: True.

Alex: Calvin, drive to the nearest graveyard.
C nods, looks at Megan and Darius: Did you guys want to go home?
D: I thought we were in this together.
C shrugs and drives.

They enter the cemetery, a lone vampire sees them all walking in with their weaponry goes ‘oh shit’ and then bolts.
Calvin: I think we should let her take this.
Which he pretty much says because Alex is moving way too fast for them to catch up with.
When Alex catches the vampire he whines. I haven’t done anything to you!
Alex: you’re a vampire, right?
Vamp: Yeah, is that a crime?
A: Yes!
She beats the shit out of him, pummelling him and putting off the kill as long as she can. She’s sitting over him, punching his head into the ground when Megan, Calvin and Darius catch up.
Megan, upset: finish him off.
Alex twists his head off and dusts him. She looks up, she is crying. Megan runs forward to hug her, but Alex growls.
A: not now.
She walks off, back to Kermit. The others don’t say anything, but follow.

Calvin drops Megan and Darius home first.
Calvin: So, feel any better?
Alex: I dunno, I feel different. Like, the power inside me is different.
C: Do you want to kill more?
A: I dunno. I want to. I don’t know.

The episode ends with them driving in the dark, Calvin driving and staring forwards and Alex staring out the window into the darkness.

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