Quickie Writing

I’ve been rushed this afternoon, I returned my library books, took a jaunt down Lambton Quay to see the Revolt of the Mannequins since they weren’t updated yesterday. OMG you have to go and look if you’re in town, they’re awesome. Strange and disturbing and so much fun. Plus I think there’s a murder mystery/mannequin serial killer who isn’t mentioned in the programme. Since there’s a couple of dead mannequins and a police officer mannequin trying to solve it. Interesting stuff….

I also did some shopping for my Fleet St LARP outfit, which is going to be a pseudo-period mashup of a costume, mixing some of the post-Victorian aesthetic with modern fashion. It’s either going to look weird-ass dumb or awesome, and I’m thinking it’s going to be awesome.

So then I rushed home and did some writing: edited one chapter of Rain, sent out the story formally known as Famine. Then I remembered that I was meant to pick up some stuff at the supermarket *and* I had missed some of the mannequins.

The raucous and annoying fire alarm going off in the building across the road pushed me out of the house and back to Hunter St and Featherston to see the three displays I’d missed. Love the comic fire brigade, but the nightmare of the puddle is predictably creepy. Then supermarket then back home. I basked in the sun and read briefly and then did another chapter of Rain. I’m at page 96 of 127. Woo!

I have to go and make pizzas now, but watch this blog! It’s Readers and Writer’s week and I’m seeing three talks. I shall report back here.

Quickie linky:

How to get published by an author whose trilogy is about to get published. I also like her article on book titles. Quite a lot.

The Dystel and Goderich agency is doing slush week on their blog, in which they each put up query letters and talk about what works and what doesn’t.


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