Things I Love Thursday

Craft 2.0. I dragged Lee to it, since I had no one else to go with. It was nice to see Evie and Jarratt there after all, and I received a head from them, who is now in my spare room wearing my Mickey Mouse ears. I also got became a “Friend of Craft 2.0” and got a free necklace and a couple of badges, and hopefully future amazing deals for being a friend. I bought the last ever issue of World Sweet World and resisted the cupcakes.

At Craft 2.0 I bought another super beautiful one of a kind notebook. This lady, whose brand is Ruby in the dust re-binds old Little Golden Books with printer’s offcuts to make sturdy, super thick books. She happened to have “Sly Little Bear and other stories” which is one that I had when I was a kid. The stories are simple moral tales about little bears that learn that its good to take baths, listen to mother and be themselves. I ❤ it. I might have to do a blog entry on my lovely gorgeous notebooks that are too good to use soon. I have stationery-o-philes reading don't I? You'd like that.

Trapeze girls

So much stuff is on at the moment that it's really fun just to be living in Wellington! In addition to the previously mentioned mannequins (which are awesome, rewarding careful viewing and repeat visits and playing out a murder mystery!) I have been to a circus show this week (The Navigators) and seen Audrey Niffenegger speak. Town is buzzing with tourists and locals, the weather is stunning (if cold in the mornings and after dark) and well, it’s awesome. Yay home city!

The English Ladies in the Navigators

Honourable Mentions: Nick’s write up of the Kapcon LARP, purple $20 maxi dress from Supre, planning costumes, rereading favourite old books, signed copies that are made out to you, dreaming of the best possible future, sunshine in the evening, salads, obsessing about a roleplaying game, planning for the 48 hour film competition and the Revolt of the Mannequins.

Happy dog:

What are you thankful for today?


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I’m thankful you like your new notebook 🙂 Wow, Audrey Niffenegger; that would have been amazing! Love The time traveller’s wife, should try and read her latest one.

    • Hello and welcome to my blog 🙂

      I really do love my Sly Little Bear notebook. I might do a whole blog post on it…Have you ever come across The Good Little Girl and the Bad Little Girl Golden book? If you ever make a notebook from that one I must buy it for my sister!

  2. A bit late, but…
    -lovely weekend with my boys… tried swimming again and J much more independent after 2 weeks school swimming and with giant purple noodle, so will do that again!
    -J’s lovely new habit of asking me to tell him about my day and telling me all about his every bedtime… even if we have spent the whole day together?
    -Storytime on National radio, though I wish they’d make it an hour and a half later… having to set my alarm for 6am on the weekend is totally unfair!
    -The way my boys are loving each other’s company now they are apart all day during the week
    -Learning R
    -The Wire (up to season 3)

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