Things I Love Thursday

I am very rushed this week. So I love parents in law and their comfy guest beds and house far removed from the band at Mollie’s.

My costume for the Fleet St LARP on Saturday, I look so sparkly and fancy. Also excited about my character which is awesome and just generally looking forward to the LARP.

Buffy game tonight, should be angst and emo city.

My Giffy, her beau and their little bebe. It’s nice seeing them. Playing Katamari, sewing, just hanging out. All good.

It’s freezing cold in the mornings at the moment and this is making me thankful for my Trade Me icebreaker, blankets, warm socks, legwarmers, holiday in Fiji a couple of months ago and the general warmth of apartments.

3 Little Pigs by Green Jello, classic metal comedy song with an awesome claymation video:

and you? Even if you’re as busy as I am you can spare the time to comment with one or two things you’re happy about today….


9 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. An almost finished dress for the Larp. Looking forward to it heaps.
    My wonderful mum for making it all happen reality smoothly.
    My fantastic hubby for looking after the girls so I can go.

  2. For I second I thought it was 3 Little Pigs of Green Jello and imagined Green Jelly Pigs. Neat!

    – family
    – sewing with friends
    – public health system (know a few people using it right now)
    – warm cuddles

  3. Yes, I know it’s Monday.

    1) The Fleet Street LARP and all the other players for being so nice to me and helping out the newbie.

    2) Lift into work today, so I had more time in bed.

    3) I now have a working cellphone for New Zealand.

  4. Welcome Ellen! It was awesome playing with you on Saturday, it’s so great when you feel you can just trust someone enough to cling to them and sob in character 🙂

    Good list. I sometimes think Mondays need them more than Thursdays.

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