Fall actual play report – “Icarus gets his wings”

Two weeks have passed. Two week montage: Alex hasn’t been turning up to school so much, she’s been killing lots of stuff and going to school and sleeping under the desks in the library. She has been getting Megan to hack the school system to give her lots of free periods and marks for assignments that she hasn’t handed in. Megan is feeling a bit guilty about it, but not enough to stop doing it.

Alex, the slayer.

Megan gives recodes the SIM cards of the others to digitally encode their messages to sound innocuous and to give them all free calls. The phones are all password protected just in case someone else picks up the phones. She has also completed work on her robot chess playing arm for the science fair. She was able to track down a database of Russian master brain waves, which really boosted the project.

Megan, ex-cheerleader hacker.

Darius, magic user and watcher wannabe

Darius helped Alex out with slaying, did lots of research and tried to track down Giles still. The kids at school are no longer intimidated by him at all, and everyone believes he’s gay.

Calvin is hanging out with Mason, going surfing, helping out with the slaying when he’s invited by Alex, and helping Gina to move out. It’s taking her a while because she doesn’t have any papers, passport or identification. Calvin doesn’t seem too happy about her leaving, but he’s helping out.

Calvin, the badass loner who plays by his own rules.

The gang is all at The Limit hanging out, it’s Saturday night and Alex is gyrating against some guy on the dance floor. Megan is trying not to look at Calvin, and quickly looks away when he glances over at her. Darius is sitting, having a drink. Darius has been trying on different looks. At the moment he’s wearing black jeans, a white T shirt and a tweed jacket. It’s a bit wrong.
Calvin and Darius are trying to figure out which of them is which character from Seinfeld.

Darius: I think I’m Kramer.
Calvin: You can’t be Kramer, you’re not the tallest. And people don’t cheer and clap when you walk into a room.
D: Maybe they would, if I started entering rooms all…*he waves his arms around* crazy.
C:…maybe. One of the girls will have to be George. (they look at Megan.)
Megan: I’ll be Elaine.
D: I’m not sure you’re neurotic enough.
M: oh I am.

Xavier enters observed only by Alex, he is at the head of a group of guys, which is odd since he’s not the leader type. They saunter into the club and Xavier heads into the men’s room. Two of his lackeys stay outside like guards and the rest head to the bar. Alex looks to see if any of the gang have noticed Xavier but they are too wrapped up in their conversation. She texts Calvin to alert him and then follows Xavier towards the men’s.

Calvin, Megan and Darius look over. It’s all a bit bizarre and they have definite bad feelings about Alex confronting Xavier alone. In the men’s room.
Megan: Maybe you should go over,
Calvin: Yeah, I think I will, that men’s room’s got bad mojo.
He gets up and crosses the room with a determined stride.

Two of the entourage are waiting outside the men’s room, Alex goes to head in, smiling. They put their hands out to stop her, but she ducks under. One of them puts his hand on her arm and she removes it. He tries again to prevent her going in and she breaks his hand. The music dies down and there’s a scream from the guy. Calvin is halfway across the room, and some more of Xavier’s mates are heading over from the bar, Calvin speeds up to get there first. The other bathroom guard is trying to push Alex out of the way. Alex swings the first one around (she’s still got a hold of him) and into the other , so that she can get through. They go sprawling.

Alex pushes open the men’s room door, Xavier is standing by a glowing blue circle on the floor. He scoops something off the ground, which causes the circle to disappear. He hides whatever it was from Alex.
Alex: What are you doing Xavier?
X: This is the men’s.
A: What are you doing here?
X: I have the requisite equipment for membership.
A: You think you do…

Calvin hurries to get into the men’s room before the rest of the gang get there. Megan notices the three from the bar and points them out to Darius. They decide to intervene to help Calvin and Alex.

In the bathroom, Alex demands Xavier open his hands but there’s nothing in there, he asks if she’s happy. She says not even slightly.
Xavier: Listen you crazy bitch…
Calvin enters just in time: What did you just call her?
X, narrows eyes, glares at Calvin: You…
C: I don’t think that’s what you called her.
X: Why isn’t a guy allowed to do his business in private?
Xavier: What is this about?
Alex: We just want to know what you’re doing. Look, we know you tried to curse Calvin, you might be summoning weird monkey things possibly.
Calvin (under his breath):… now you think I’m right.
Alex gives him a look.

Outside Megan and Darius are having trouble with Xavier’s lackeys, who won’t allow them to go into the men’s room.
Darius: Let me go, I just want to go to the toilet!
Megan: why are you hanging out outside the bathroom?
Lackey: we’re going to help a friend.
Megan: Ew!

Calvin, sick of the smug non-answers, slams Xavier against the cubicle wall. He tries to intimidate Xavier telling him to cut the bullshit and own up to what’s going on.
Xavier says “I’m just an ordinary guy.”
C: Sure you are. (There is a beat, Calvin punches him in the face.)
Xavier’s head turns to the side and then he looks back at Calvin, apparently unharmed. For Calvin it’s as if he’s punched a stone wall.
X: I’ll even give you that one for free.
Calvin swears, punches again and it does even less.
Calvin: I think I know what he’s done with the blue circle. I think he’s made himself invulnerable.

Xavier grabs Calvin by the shirt, three guys burst into the bathroom. Alex tries to sweep Xavier’s legs out from under him, he slides sideways about a metre, doesn’t fall and keeps hold of Calvin who is spun around.
Calvin tries again to get free but can’t manage to break Xavier’s grip.
Xavier: That was pathetic!
Calvin:…you’re pathetic!
Xavier throws Calvin across the room into Alex, who kind of catches him, her hands on his waist, and slams back against the wall.
Alex: Are you OK?
Calvin: Yeah, I’m fine, but what are we gonna do about him?

Xavier goes to leave the bathroom, heading straight towards Darius. He indicates to him to move aside, which Darius does, but grabs at his wrist.
X: Did he just grab at me?
Darius: Call it professional curiosity.
Xavier: Dude I’m not interested.
He shoves him hard across the the room, Darius goes crashing into a toilet stall.
On his way out Xavier gives Megan a wink, she backs away.

Alex and Calvin are still holding onto each other, awkwardly. Alex lets go, and then Calvin does. It’s a bit awkward.
They check if Darius is alright, leave the bathroom and try and figure out what’s going on with Xavier. They wonder if he’s possessed, since he wasn’t acting like himself.
Megan: Yeah, but if you were feeling all magically super powered and stuff, you’d be feeling all cocky too.
(she looks at Alex and bites her lip)

Alex guesses that it’s mirror-world Xavier, crossed over to cause trouble.
Calvin: Isn’t the mirror back at Darius’s house?
Alex: why do you think there’s only one way in?
Calvin: …to Darius’s house?

Calvin calls Gina to get more information.
Gina: Yeah?
Calvin: Was there an Xavier in your world?
It turns out that mirror-world Xavier worked directly for mirror-world Megan and was all evil and sadistic and stuff…but facial piercing and punk hair. They agree that it can’t have been the same person.

The gang drive to Darius’s to research. They need something awesome to combat super-Xavier. Darius asks how they know that Xavier is super-powered.
Calvin: He threw me across the room. Normal people can’t throw me across the room.
Darius, throws up his hands to try and telekinetically throw Calvin. Calvin feels something like invisible hands on his shoulders. Then he goes flying across the room and crashes into Darius’s coffee table, which shatters.
Calvin: ow.
Alex: Darius, what the hell why did you do that?

Calvin picks himself up. Darius looks confused.
Darius: Huh, why did I do that? What did you say to make me do that?
Calvin: I said you couldn’t throw me across the room. Which wasn’t an invitation by the way.
D: I was just proving a point.
C: Right, that was kind of the whole point right? Normal people can’t throw me across the room.
(all of them look at Megan who shakes her head, unwilling to demonstrate her inability to throw Calvin.)

Megan and Darius do research, try and locate a spell that seems relevant. Calvin seems distracted and doesn’t manage to help out at all. He looks out the window to see Alex punching and kicking one of the trees in Darius’s front yard.
Calvin: Darius? Did that tree offend Alex, before?
Darius: what? (he has his head down in the book.)
C: Never mind.
Calvin heads outside.
Calvin: So that tree really pissed you off, huh?
Alex: Not the tree so much.
C: Because it’s not that satisfying hitting a tree.
A: yeah, but if it’s not the tree it’ll be Nebby…or one of you…
C: I don’t mind fighting with you.
A: I couldn’t.
C: Just for practice.
A: I don’t think I have very good impulse control right now.
C: …well, whatever. (He moves away a bit, not sure what to do.)
Alex turns back to the tree and then looks at Calvin again.
A: Sorry.
C: what?
A: It’s not your fault.
C: I know.
Alex seems frustrated with this reply and heads back into the house without saying anything else.

Darius and Megan have found a spell that makes the caster a paragon. It’s online, typed up on some guy’s blog. Basically the spell gives you everything you want and allows you to destroy your enemies. Alex asks Megan if she is able to hack the phone system and locate Xavier that way, like with GPS. Megan says she could if she had his phone number. Darius decides to cast the reverse magic spell from last episode to take away Xavier’s paragon-hood. Alex heads outside while this happens, angry and frustrated.

While Darius is cooking up the spell on the stove, Megan becomes concerned.
Megan: how do we stop him doing it again?
Calvin: what?
M: Darius is taking away Xavier’s spell. What’s to stop him just casting the spell again?
C: …good point.
M: and now he knows we can do take it away. And he’ll know it’s us.
C: he won’t know it’s us.
M: He will, because of getting in his way a The Limit and what Darius said about professional curiosity.
C: …

Darius feels the magic gathering. Bryn and Jenni suggest that he taps the cards for Mana. We’re just that geeky. awesome. A fog from the steaming pot of magic ingredients billows up around him. A small dark cloud forms above the pot. He gets the feeling that the previous time he cast it and it didn’t work might have somehow jinxed this version of it. An electric bolt zaps down from the cloud and explodes the pot. He feels the connection of another mind right before it ends, another intelligence that sees what he is doing.

Darius is covered in very hot potion. Calvin gets the ice pack from the fridge and fixes Darius up a bit.

Alex walks back in: So did it work?
Calvin: Nope.
A: Did anyone get hurt?
C: Not seriously.

Darius explains what he felt when the spell went through.
Calvin: If he noticed that you cast it…will he know where you are?

Alex and Darius fight over the events of the previous episode and whether or not Alex had to take her powers back. Darius keeps bugging her and she steps forward. Calvin steps in and takes Darius’s arm and pulls him back.
Calvin: SO not the time.

They agree that they shouldn’t stay put, and decide to track down Xavier to observe him. Darius casts the good old ‘find named’ spell and they load into Kermit and follow the copper divining stick.
Darius wonders aloud if they should cast the paragon spell on themselves, to even the odds somehow. Alex glares at him.
Calvin: You’re like a child. Just poking the grumpy thing until it bites your head.
Darius: Sometimes the bear needs to know it’s being a bear.

Darius: I wonder what would happen if we cast the paragon spell on a slayer. I wonder if you could be awesomer than you already are?
Megan: more awesome. Sorry.

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  1. I like the ep title, when did Daniel decide on it? My write up coming soonish… though with 3 weeks to wait till the next one it’ll be awhile.

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