Wednesday Writing

My own writing has been taking a bit of a break. After ostensibly finishing the type-up section of my edit of Rain I have given myself leeway to do other stuff.

I’m relieved to have my head back from Rain. I have a fear that I need to read through the draft again and give it one more whack but for the most part she’s letting me be. I like suddenly having ideas for short stories. I wrote half of one yesterday and I am gonna try and get that finished soon. I also wrote a fic for my Buffy game, but that doesn’t really count. And no, you can’t see it. So don’t ask.

I had a rejection this week for What’s the Worst That Could Happen? from an American agency. I was beginning to think it hadn’t got through, but the rejection indicates it did. I don’t mind it much, after all, that’s what it’s meant to be doing (getting rejections) but I did have the false hope when I saw the reply to my enquiry that it would be an acceptance. Ah well.


I really enjoy this article from Gabrielle Edits called writing invisibly, giving tips to ensure readers become immersed in your story. Plus some good basic things to watch out for, such as consistent tense, etc.

A little never give up reminder. (Although I cringe a little at the number of rewrites, I know that this can be true.)

I also liked this writer identity vs career article.

Someone new to follow on Twitter, especially if you write for the Young Adult market…@elizabethscraig, mystery author with her pulse on the awesome posts.

Speaking of which, check out this article on the five main characters in YA. I think Rain’s a Scarface. No, I mean, she definitely is. And Rachel (her best friend) is the Queen of Snark facet of the Comedian. Heh. Fun times.


One thought on “Wednesday Writing

  1. Those are some good links! Thanks.

    I like doing short stories after working on a novel too. It’s like a rejuvenating holiday to get to work on lots of different thing that you can finish quickly. 🙂

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