Weirdo Tuesday

I spent the weekend in Auckland. It was awesome. The Langham is a ridiculously plush hotel that we got cheap rooms for on a ‘mystery hotel’ deal on I really love hotel rooms, they just…so tidy, and so fancy and so many neat things. I dunno.

It was awesome to catch up with Fraser, we had a gigantic icecream at Giapo and a 3L can of Asahi at Tanuki’s Cave. We checked out some awesome op-shops on K Road and watched Alice in Wonderland on the imax 3D. On Sunday Lee and I went to Onehunga DressMart and I got new Chucks and it was awesome.

Since we’ve been back in Wellington I started writing a LARP with Paul and did a bunch of work on my Lime Chiffon costume for Armageddon. It will be done in time. It will be done in time.

Inspired by Amphigori and Nick, I made a facebook page for my roleplaying character Calvin. If you read the Fall actual play reports I put up, you should totally add him as a friend. Also Alex and Megan have joined now, so you should add them too.

….yes. I am that much of a geek.


6 thoughts on “Weirdo Tuesday

  1. You might consider Yuki and Ash, who are Amphigori and Nick’s vampires from a Kapcon run of ‘Silver kiss of the magical twilight of the full moon’. They are hoping to guest star on Fall.

    We haven’t seen Darius on facebook yet though, so three is all for Fall so far.

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