Things I Love Thursday

I am having so much fun on Calvin’s facebook. I’ve been having him link to a song a day, so eventually the whole Calvin playlist will be available on there. Me and Amphigori have been having fun email correspondence around it all as well.

I really really enjoyed the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie. I know its been getting a lot of flack from people saying it’s not the original story or because there’s crossover between Alice and the Jabberwocky poem, but I thought it worked really well. It would be nice to see Tim make this movie without Disney’s influence, just to see how dark he went, but meh. I liked it a lot. I want (almost) every single one of Alice’s dresses and I am dying for her white and blue striped and buttoned fingerless gloves.

I’m really looking forward to daylight savings being over. It’s so dark in the mornings I just want to keep on sleeping and sleeping. It will be awesome to do so. While I do love the concept of daylight savings, extending the time that it runs for on this end of summer doesn’t seem to make sense.

OK, I’m sure I’m going to get flak for this, but I love chop-chop chicken. That’s right, chicken in a can. Stored next to the Tuna in the supermarket. The thing is, it’s delicious. And extremely convenient. I get the one which is chicken and lite mayo and I have it on nice wafery crackers and it’s awesome. So tasty. So tasty that I want to keep on eating it all day long.

Easter! Because of the chocolate. The chocolate eggs and the chocolate bunnies. Also hot cross buns, time off work, time and a half for the day I am working and sleeping in. Woo Easter!

I’m taking a break from writing. Kind of. I’m not letting myself feel guilty for ‘not getting anything done’ because I have a bunch of other stuff I’m doing at the moment. Also I’m still writing. Blog posts, fanfic, twitter updates…I’m just letting myself relax a bit after Rain and have fun with it. I think I’m inadvertantly doing Steve’s PLAY thing.

I went to the dentist for a routine check up and he found NOTHING WRONG! Some things to keep an eye on, but I don’t have to go back for any fillings or root canals or wisdom teeth. Woooo!

Trips to Auckland: Giapo (om nom nom nom), Tanuki’s Cave, 3L cans of Asahi, Fraser, prevalence of kareoke bars even if the boys didn’t want to try it out, awesome op shops on K Road and the super plush hotel room. (Forgot to look for the ice machine though, fail.)

Honourable Mentions: Living in the middle of town, having time off work during the week, people who ‘get’ me, The Addams Family movies, shared obsessions, finally reading a good book, chocolate eggs and bunnies, The Big Bang Theory, sleeping, my darling Lee, doing so much stuff that days take ages to pass by (it’s like extending my life), thinking back on Masquerade on Fleet St and the Paramount movie quiz.

And you? What are you thankful this pre-Easter Thursday?


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. *sleeping baby
    *4-day weekends
    *daylight saving *not* being over yet. i like waiting at the bus stop in the morning in the light of a full moon. especially if it means that i get home while it’s still light out. 🙂

  2. The first blue sky day in I don’t know how long – nothing like a nice blue sky to make you feel cheerier
    Daylight savings beginning – it’s light at 6pm!!!
    Four-day weekend (yay Easter!)
    My car passing his MOT
    The pretty pot-plant my boss gave me as a thank-you

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