Still on holiday from ‘serious’ writing, but have knocked together 4 or 5 roughly 1000 word stories in the last week, so by no means letting cobwebs form. The problem I’m having is writing something that I could potentially sell.

This is the perfect kind of time to help me out with random element story prompts! If you are willing to, please comment with one or two words that I could potentially use. Best for me is: a time of day/night, weather, a type of character, an object. You don’t have to give me all just one or two would be great.

Remember, the last time I did this I ended up writing a novel with Debbie’s prompts, and you can bet your ass I’ll be mentioning her in the acknowledgements when Rain gets published. Don’t you want that same level of fame? Yeah you do. Go on, comment prompt…

My linky is fat and interesting, thanks to a new, very prolific linking source on Twitter.

The current, slightly disturbing trend for messed up relationships in YA fiction needs to change, there’s a good follow up article too. I also like this one about how falling in love doesn’t have to make your female lead a wuss, in fact, she can still be a strong, kick-ass character. Imagine.

40 years of writing, a retrospective by a published author. Message: keep on writing, rewriting and submitting!

Life hack stuff 30 habits that will change your life. I like this one. I’ve stuck it in here with the writing linky for some reason. Go read it anyway.

Ways to show your character’s acceptance after emotional turmoil Standing on Magic Legs at Plot to Punctuation, which looks like an awesome blog that I must read more of.

10 Tricks for inspiration it’s from copyblogger, so ostensibly about blogging but I think you can probably use it for stories too.


9 thoughts on “Writing

  1. immediately after a fire
    with a growing sense of dread
    a lonely soul confesses
    to enjoy the bitter taste
    of brussels

  2. Woot for my future Rain dedication!

    Drizzly rain
    Twilight (as in early evening not sparkly vamps)
    Plastic bag
    An unexpected visitor

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