Things I Love Thursday

I like to look at the list of songs I’ve downloaded from and laugh. I love being this eclectic in my music taste! Here’s a sample for you: Little Boots ‘Remedy’, Dolly Parton ‘Jolene’, The Strokes ‘Reptilia’, The Webb Sisters performing ‘If it be your will’ live at a Leonard Cohen concert, HIM ‘Wicked Game’ (thanks Ash!), Ladyhawke ‘Magic’ and Cat Stevens ‘Sad Lisa’. Yesterday I got some Crystal Gayle. Bwah ha haaaa! Try and desrcibe my musical taste now, just try!

Coming home to a professionally cleaned house. The sad thing about that is that our lovely thorough, efficient cleaner has announced that she’s moving back to the States. Woe!

Little girls doing ballet.

Re-reading beloved Children’s books. I have finished the BFG. I will write about that later.

Honourable Mentions: My slanket (sleeved, hooded blanket, so warm) gets extra honours. Good work Slanket! Easter eggs, they’re so much yummier than regular chocolate, 48 hour weekend next weekend! and warm feet.

And you, what are you thankful for today?


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. -Lovely fire and my woodpile… primal satisfaction of fuel to last the winter!
    -(hopefully) all being well again
    -My Mum who rescued us on Sunday when my car died in Pukerua Bay and my parents who lent me their car for a week to have up here while they got my Milly-car fixed
    -Good mark for my (almost too hard) 2nd year stats and the big green ticks and happy blue “Well done” from the marker
    -J writing his name and T’s in his scrapbook
    -J’s scrapbook… his drawings are amazing… he talks while he is doing them and each one is a story… “true visual language” says my mum
    -Lovely ripe tomatoes from the garden at last!
    -The link that Svend gave me on FB cos I was grumpy on Tuesday
    -Idiot and D for providing me with Wednesday gaming… even when I opt out of GMing due to blues… and Modern Art which is very cool

    TILT for being here when I need it… I honestly thought I’d struggle today!

  2. 1) Being nearly finished on the hoodie I’m knitting- I SHALL be nice and warm in the winter, oh yes.

    2) Internets! We’re now connected at home, which means I can once again talk to my parents in the UK via videochat.

    3) Generosity- one of my co-workers came back from Rotorua with 2 fleeces she wasn’t going to use, and gave them to me to spin up when I get my surprise birthday spinning wheel.

    4) A really special idea of one of the priests at the Easter Sunday service at my church- he said a special individualised prayer for each person in the congregation when they came for communions. That takes some memory, but also, so lovely!

    5) New Doctor Who, with the fantastic Steven Moffat at the helm. Do I need to explain this? NEW DOCTOR WHO!

    Honourable mentions to: My husband, new Supernatural, cheesy sausages, hot cross buns from Willis St Metro.

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