Fall actual play report – “Q & A”

Picking up right where we left off last episode. The gang has cast the Find Named spell to track down Xavier. They follow the stick around town, Xavier seems to be on the move. Eventually they end up back in front of Darius’s house. The front door is hanging open, like it’s been knocked down. They all pile out of the car, lights are on in the house.

Alex runs but before she gets to the door she runs smack into a force field.

Inside they can hear Nebby going crazy inside, barking. Darius calls for him and he comes running, then smacks into the force field. The others look at Darius witheringly. Nebby whines, confused.

Inside the house, one of The Fallen walks past eating one of Darius’s TV dinners. He looks out at our intrepid heroes and then closes the door, unimpressed.

Megan and Alex test how far around the house the force field goes, feeling it with their hands, it goes all around. Alex tries punching it, there are ripples but nothing breaks. Megan throws some gravel to see how high it goes. It’s full coverage. Calvin tries digging down to see if it goes underground and it seems to. Darius climbs a tree to see if the field is a dome, while he is up there his next door neighbour comes out to ask if everything’s OK. She offers to call the police and Megan says it’s a good idea.
Mrs Miggins: It’s not those toilet paper hooligans again is it?
Darius: It might be.
Mrs Miggins calls the police.

Alex suggests that they go back to the Limit.
Darius: But Nebby…
Alex: Nebby will be fine.
D: My library…
A: It’s locked isn’t it?
Calvin: What’s in The Limit?
A: That’s where we last saw him. There might be something.

The door to the house opens and Evil Megan appears in the doorway. She looks unconcerned to see the gang. The magic mirror floats out behind her.
Megan: Why don’t you just go back?
Evil Megan: I have things to do.

Nebby tears out and up to Darius. Evil Megan and the Fallen move out of the house and start packing the mirror into one of the vans. As she walks past, Calvin steps forward and goes to punch her, but his fist stops in midair and he rises into the air, his wrist taking his weight. He is thrown across the lawn and crashes to the ground, wrist broken.

Alex had been frozen, fixed to the spot in surprise, she goes to try and get into the van behind the driver but is repelled by a forcefield.

Megan rushes to Calvin’s side, kneels beside him, she’s crying and apologising.
Calvin: it’s not you…

Darius casts a spell to create the illusion of bees around Evil Megan’s head, in order to distract her and hopefully allow the others to attack her. It doesn’t work, blood pours out of his eyes and nose, he does an arcane gesture and he collapses to the ground unconscious. (In fact, he nearly died, but the rolls worked out.) Bees appear around everyone who isn’t Megan, Alex and Calvin. They are stinging the baddies, who appear to be leaving all the same, squashing the bees.

Alex runs over to Darius, tries to check if he’s still alive, she has no idea. Calvin comes over with Megan, using his good arm he checks Darius, manages to stop him choking on his own tongue and establishes that there are no bones broken and he’s been bruised and bleeding.

The police arrive. Alex explains that the house was broken into, door broke, Darius and Calvin beaten up, etc. The police seem to believe her, kind of, and dust for prints. The police ask if they can see where the mirror was taken from and more squad cars arrive. The house is cordoned off and the police get very serious. The ambulance people arrive and take Darius and Calvin in. Alex takes the keys to Kermit and drives along behind the ambulance.

Megan is quite hysterical, crying and apologising but Alex tells her to focus. Alex tells Megan to change whatever records to ensure that they won’t ship him back off to England or something. Make it so that Alex is listed as a cousin or something so that she will be allowed to see him in hospital.
Megan: I can get new birth certificates printed, but we’d need to change the ones in city hall as well…
Alex: we don’t need to go that far. Now, I need you to call Marty and tell her that Calvin’s been hurt and she needs to come to the hospital.

Megan calls Calvin’s house and Mason answers.
Megan: Is Gina there?
Mason: who is this?
Megan: It’s Megan, Alex’s friend.
Mason: …?
Megan: It’s Calvin, he’s hurt.
Mason: Where is he?
Megan: he’s on his way to the hospital.

Gina, Mason and Martha arrive together. The doctors don’t seem to have a clue what’s happened with Darius. Lots of doctors are going into the room that they have Darius in. Darius comes awake briefly, expecting horrible danger so he panics and telekinetically throws his IV drip across the room. The doctors give him more morphine.

The police discovered the dead body of Xavier in Darius’s basement, he appears to be a desiccated husk of a body. The police initially investigate the other kids from school that Alex mentioned. Chief Superintendent Fergusson redirects all the files to himself and Megan finds that the files are being deleted.

Alex decides to investigate the Fallen. Reading the diary that they initially stole from Harry Ham, and looking into the people that are related. The Fallen have a lot of influence with the school board, a millionaire boys club that started to dabble in the occult. The Hams seem to be much richer even than they appear to be.

Megan visits Darius in the hospital bearing a vase full of flowers. She apologises to Darius and asks him to forgive her.
Darius: what did you do?
Megan: I dabbled with things that you know, shouldn’t be messed with.
D: Yeah…nothing much can go wrong with that….
(Darius is in hospital for about three days and the next events happen over about a week, I think.)

Alex has coffee with Megan at Bohemian Like You. She asks Megan to tell her exactly what happened contacting Evil Megan. There was an old tatty book from the city library which told her to look in the mirror and want something hard enough eventually you will get it. Megan was given the mirror by her father, the book was in the top drawer. The book is titled ‘Realise your dreams.’ She felt like she was communicating with herself properly and then the mirror version started to move separately to her and told her how to act. There are black outs and times when she didn’t feel entirely in control of what she was doing.

They decide to look for the old book and then maybe talk to Haruni.

Calvin and Mason on the beach, having surfed, both looking out over the breakers.
Calvin: Dude, you dig my sister?
Mason: Dude, I like her but we’re not there…..(five minutes pass while he thinks)…she’s distant you know. Like something happened.
Calvin: Yeah, well, something did.
Mason: Huh?
Calvin: She was missing for two and half years, you know? She wasn’t on holiday.
Mason: Yeah.
Calvin offers to put in a good word for him, that he could see if she would open up. Mason makes it clear that he really likes her, but until there is open and honest communication they can’t take things to the next level. All this is communicated in just a few words. Mason is a deep thinker, and Calvin is on his wavelength.

Flashforward again to Alex and Megan heading over to Megan’s house. Alex has a theory: the mirror itself is magical, the book allowed her to focus the magical power of the mirror to create an evil version of herself and then a pocket universe. They meet Calvin at Megan’s and they check out the smashed vanity in the garage. The book is there; it’s a plain, leather bound diary. Alex grabs it before Megan can take it.
Calvin: You know what this is exactly like? Harry Potter 2.
Megan: Yeah.
Alex: Do I need to pierce it with a basilisk tooth?
Calvin: Couldn’t hurt.

They head over to Darius’s house. Alex reads the diary which has a set of instructions at the start, then Megan’s diary about how sad she is and then Evil Megan’s influence takes over, showing Megan being meaner and meaner. The gang does research on the book, they find the symbol relates to the two-faced god Janus (God of doors, new beginnings and chaos). Janus was actually a demon that people worshipped. The symbol was on the vanity as well as the book, Megan remembers. Darius checks the book for magic, it doesn’t have spells in it but the book itself is imbued with dark magic. There is dust in the gutter between each and every page.

They check out Darius’s basement and find a small blue stone. It’s very small, like a gravel chip, but it’s very blue and it’s been shaped like a gemstone. There is also some ritual paraphernalia which Darius didn’t bring in himself. There are circles on the ground, also blue. It reminds Alex of what was happening in the men’s room at The Limit with Xavier. They research rituals to do with Janus and determine that it looks like a summoning combined with some sort of mind control spell and something to do with moving. It looks like the symbols were slightly subverted though, so although the ritual appeared to be giving the casters great power it was actually ‘welcome to our world, and while you’re at it take our souls.’

They visit Haruni to ask him about reversing people back through dimensions. As a gift they get him an iPod and fill it with music, plus a set of speakers. Haruni has planted a very strange inter-dimensional garden outside, some of the plants are pulsing, some are colours that don’t make sense. Megan calls out as they approach to announce their presence.

On his speaking TV he is using Simon Cowell to be his voice. He invites them back into his cave where he has been experimenting on the bodies of vampires. Removing their limbs to see if they grow back and so on.
Megan: Shouldn’t you just put them out of their misery?
Haruni: They’re not alive. I’ve done extensive tests to prove this.
Alex: Megan, we need to focus on the dimensional stuff.
Megan: Yeah, it’s OK Haruni, you can torture the vampires as much as you want to. It doesn’t look happy though.
Haruni: Wait, is this happy? (Haruni pulls out a poster of a smiley face.)
Megan: Yes.
Haruni: But it is not alive.
Megan opens her mouth to reply but….nothing. Haruni’s psychology is too different.

They give him the iPod he asks if it is food. Classic Haruni.
Alex: Do you remember the mirror we told you about, linked to the pocket dimension?
Megan: I kinda sorta summoned it into our world.
They explain what’s happened and ask if he knows any way to banish her and destroy the dimension. He says that it sounds like the pocket dimension is now stable and fixed but also in some ways weak and fragile. Dimensionally unstable, not physically. Haruni says that the very fact that Megan is now in this dimension would be a weakness for her. If they were to destroy the link she has to the pocket dimension, it would kill her, and anyone else from that dimension that was also on this side.

Haruni: If I had someone from that dimension I could work out the wavelength and create a new focus. (Like the mirror)
(Everyone looks at Calvin.)
Calvin: If we had someone from that dimension, could it hurt them? What do you have to do?
Haruni: It’s a simple procedure, once I have a certain amount of (untranslatable).
Calvin: But your experiments, would it hurt the person from the other dimension?
H: It might stain them.

Alex: What do you think, will she help?
Calvin: I dunno, it’s her choice. But I guess if it helps to take down Evil Megan she’d be into it.
Megan: And she’ll have to go back to that dimension…
Calvin: yeah.

Haruni: Oh, I found the dimension of your little monkeys. Would you like to go there?
Alex: No.
Megan: Can you show other dimensions on your windows?
Haruni: Yes, it’s that one.
He points, the dimension on the other side is pitch black. Megan goes and leans in to look through the window. Something bumps against the window on the other side and she jumps.
Haruni: I will prepare an (untranslatable) device, that will do (untranslatable) things.
Megan asks Haruni if there’s anything he wants them to bring him. He says he has a fondness for jelly babies.

In the car Calvin is uncharacteristically silent as they drive back towards Fall River.
Megan: Do you want me to have a chat to Gina.
Calvin: Nuh uh…I think it should be just me.
M: Well, why don’t you drop us off at the shops and buy the jelly babies for Haruni.

Calvin goes into his house, finds Gina sprawled out on the couch reading travel guide books. She sees Calvin looking bleak.
Megan: What’s wrong?
Calvin sits down: Evil Megan came back through the mirror into this world.
Gina looks freaked, but keeps it together. Calvin explains what he understood about all the dimensional stuff, and that Haruni may be able to help them create a new focus which would kill Megan
Calvin:…and anyone else from that dimension. Who is over this side. But, we could get you back into the pocket dimension, and Megan wouldn’t be there, so it wouldn’t be…
There is a long silence. Gina then says: I need to go for a walk.
It’s late, it’s dark, it’s dangerous. Calvin: I’ll go with you.
Gina: Then, I need to go for a drive.
Calvin nods, and she gets up and leaves the room. Calvin doesn’t move, just stares into the middle distance.
Alex texts and asks how Gina took it.
Calvin: about how you’d expect. She’s gone for a drive.
Alex: Will she speak to Haruni?
Calvin: Not sure. Not tonight anyway.

Alex relates this to Mega, who calls a cab and takes Darius home. Alex walks towards the cemetery to get some vampire slaying done. She texts Calvin again: R U OK?
Calvin texts back: Can we talk?
Alex, suddenly nervous, texts back that she’s heading to St Mary’s. Calvin meets her there. They walk through the cemetery, stakes in hand, and look around, not at each other.

Calvin:….Gina’s leaving. You know, she’s all excited about travelling and I just to tell her that if she does, then she’ll die.
Alex: Yeah, it sucks.
Alex: So, what did you want to talk about?
Calvin: So, Gina’s going.
Alex: Yep.
Calvin: And…I’m in love with you.
C: Yep .
A: No, what did you just say?
C: I’m in love with you.
A: since when?
C: You know when we first met?
A: When we were six?
C: No, I mean, since we grew up…you remember that I told Mason not to go out with you?
A (still angry about it): yes.
C: It wasn’t ’cause I didn’t like you. It was because I did.
A: Oh.
C: But then you went out with him anyway and then you were Mason’s girl and I couldn’t…so I just…and since all this vampires and shit started happening-
Vampires: do you remember ordering takeout?
Two vampires have appeared. In an unparalleled sequence of awesome, Alex does a roundhouse kick to the head of the one closest to her, and then stakes it. Calvin dodges the attack of the one on his side, comes up from below and stakes it through the heart. There is a silence as the dust clears, Alex is turned away from Calvin, thinking.

Calvin, whose train of thought is uninterrupted: Since all this vampires and shit started happening…
Alex turns to look at him again.
Calvin: You’re amazing. The way you’ve dealt with all of it…

Alex looks stunned, deer in the headlights. She turns away, silent. There’s a long minute when it seems certain that she’s going to run away. Then she turns back, drops her stake and kisses him. Calvin drops the stake he’s holding, throws his arms around her and they kiss passionately. The camera pans up to the moon and the episode ends.

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