Fizzgig I love Fizzgig. Fizzgig edition.

My roleplaying games are pretty much amazing right now, and if you’re following Fall you’ll know why I’ve been walking around with a goofy grin on my face. In addition to this I’ve been participating in some behind the scenes scheming which is awesome fun.

I really love the You Are Remarkable website and I appreciated this little bit of perspective.

Fizzgig's impression of Vyvian from The Young Ones

If you read Neil Gaiman’s blog or twitter you’ll have already seen this, but I link here anyway. I really love hearing about and seeing pictures of his dog Cabal and this week he has perfected his matter duplication ray. So adorable. Also goofball Cabal. Yes.

Fizzgig's all 'stached up and ready for a date

Have you heard of the KFC Double Down burger? It has chicken instead of bread, and bacon and cheese in the middle. No vegetables, they’d just get in the way. It’s all chicken, all bacon and cheese. I really want one but so far they’re only in the States. Here’s a rather funny review of it from the bloggers at NPR.

Honourable Mentions: Candy, cake, new zombie hoodie and T-shirts from threadless, Ashes to Ashes on DVD, naps, blankies, rewatching classic 80s movies, my new Fizzgig toy, Empire magazine, days off work, the 48 hour film comp tomorrow, Schweppes dry lemonade and socks.

And how about you, what about the world is making you squee today?


6 thoughts on “Fizzgig I love Fizzgig. Fizzgig edition.

  1. – New microphone!
    – Dom’s awesome drawings (all over the desk, microphone box, and every bit of paper he can find. and occasionally the wall).
    – the 48 (vicariously)
    – parents coming to visit for the weekend!

  2. 1) Pregnant friends
    2) Al Shir-Ma, coming to a Kapcon near you 2011- can’t tell you anything but going on yesterdays vastly fun planning session, it’s going to kick ass.
    3) Kick-Ass. The movie. And specifically within it, Nicolas Cage.
    4) Sophie making my life more Gleeful.

    Honourable mentions to the fact it’s the weekend this time tomorrow, and I’ve got a whole day to myself for the first time in ages, borrowing books, Supernatural, Dr Who, and last but never least, my lovely husband.

  3. Oh My Goodness, the fizzgig is aaaaaddooooorabllle!!! Love the pictures. As for squee – Supernatural, The Big Bang, Glee and new Dr Who!!! Plus Kick Ass

  4. Oh yes, I too must register my thankfulness for new Glee, Supernatural and yes, Dr Who. Big Bang Theory too, esp thanks to Zephfi for enabling me.

    I want to see Kick-ass, it looks awesome.

  5. -Stats contact course… the lecturer talked with his hands and useful diagrams which made everything clearer!
    -Wee boys, so very proud of their cute new haircuts (should make my Mum happy too)
    -New Dr Who too (but I still miss David Tennant a bit)
    -J’s people-drawings have developed facial features… now as well as eyes they have button noses and smiles
    -Autumn trees with their beautiful leaves… I drive to work down a golden avenue (think Lothlorien) and by the ‘goon there’s a red tree (

    Fizzgig is V cute!!!

  6. Oh… TILT kids book afterthought… Read “Oh the Places You’ll Go” (Dr Seuss) to J last night and it perfectly summed up the way I am feeling about life right now… Not sure it meant much to Jumbly though 🙂

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