Fall actual play report – ‘The lull before the storm’

Sunday. First thing in the morning, Calvin’s bedroom. The sun is shining through the windows, Calvin starts stirring, turns over. Alex is sitting on the edge of the bed. Calvin sits up, there’s a pause.
Alex: It’s kinda early, I should get going.
Calvin: OK, um. Do you want a ride?
Alex: No, it’s alright. I could use the air.

Calvin shifts towards her, slowly, uncertainly. Alex doesn’t move, Calvin hesitates then leans over to give her a kiss. She kisses him back and then stands up, grabbing her jacket (she is already dressed). She backs across the room, uncertain. Alex: So, I’ll call you later?
Calvin: uh huh.
Alex hesitates a moment longer and then rushes across the room, gives him a kiss and then flees the scene. Calvin kind of goes ‘huh’ and then slumps back in the bed, a slight smile on his face.
On the stairs Alex runs into Martha, who is just back from jogging.
Martha: so were you guys doing…work?
Alex: Yeah.
Martha: does he have any fresh injuries?
Alex kind of blushes: Uh, no.
They make polite small talk a while longer and then awkwardly try to get out of each other’s way. Both stepping the same way at the same time and then Alex flees the house. Martha knocks on Calvin’s door.

Martha: So what was that about?
Calvin: what was what about?
M: With Alex?
Calvin smiles and shrugs.
M: So…coffee?
C: sure.

At home Alex climbs up the tree, leaps the gap to her room and gets into bed. Shortly after Jared calls out ‘Alex, breakfast!’ Alex gets up, puts on pyjamas and a robe and heads downstairs.
Mum: He’s very tall isn’t he?… Would you like some more syrup?
Alex double takes, she’s imagined it.
Dad: How’s Mason these days?
Alex: Uh, we don’t see each other much any more.
Dad: Oh, that’s a pity he’s a nice boy.

Megan wakes up, secure in the knowledge that someone likes her. There’s a facebook message from someone called Ash, which makes her happy indeed, then she goes downstairs to breakfast. Jim Locke asks her to join them at church and Megan declines at first, then realises she can possibly get holy water if she goes along. After the service she approaches the priest, telling her mum and Jim that she’s deeply moved by the experience of the ceremony and wants to talk to the priest in private. She hangs around, waiting for him to finish saying goodbye to the churchgoers.
Megan: So, I was at your service, and I was like, really moved by it all. And I’ve been worried at night, about…I’ve been reading all these books about vampires and stuff, and I’m wondering if you think they’re real or not?
Priest: …
Megan: because if God and the Devil are real, then maybe vampires are too?
Priest: I can see where your concerns are coming from, but vampires are not mentioned in the Bible. They aren’t real.
Megan: right, but if they are…
Priest: You shouldn’t go around sticking bits of wood in people.
M: No, that would be stupid.
P: Perhaps you should reflect on the likelihood that vampires are real. I think you’ll come up to realise that the things that you fear are really metaphors for other troubles.
The priest invites Megan into his office as they talk, she follows him in. The door to the church slams shut behind them.
Megan: It’s just that if there are vampires, holy water would make them explode into dust and stuff. I saw on the internet that it works and they just disappear. I know that if I had some I would feel so safe.
The priest pulls out a large, heavy box from under his desk. He opens it up.
P: so you think that if you spray them with holy water, these vampires will just disappear? As if they were never there. (He pulls something out of the box and fiddles with it.)
M: what’s in your box?
P: Oh I hope you don’t mind, it’s my pipe.
The priest explains that vampires do not exist and that she should do some serious praying. Perhaps some repetitions of the Lord’s prayer.
Megan: so, to recap. There’s no way I can get some holy water, just to make myself feel better?

Megan walks out, promising to come back if the prayer doesn’t work. In the foyer is a font of holy water. There is no one else around, she fills up the large bottle she’s brought with her. She walks away.
The priest comes out and sees the font half empty. He looks at the door, shaking his head.

Megan texts Alex: what’s going on?
There’s a delay before Alex replies: sorry, having a nap.
M: sorry for waking you up.
A: it’s ok I have homework anyway

They call each other
M: do you want help?
A: …
M: and we still have to break into city hall.
A: we don’t need to break into city hall. We can’t anyway.
M: well, you could maybe?
A: I’m not that good at that stuff. Just undo what you did.
M: Right but…oh yeah I guess I could…
Megan hangs up and messes about online. Alex tries to do some homework.

Megan texts Alex: all done and I got some holy water.
Alex seems to be jumpy. Every time the phone goes off she flinches.
Alex: Yeah, you want to try out your new holy water?
Megan: sure.
Alex: sounds good.

Calvin texts Alex: do you want to get together tonight?
A while later she texts back: Me and Megan are going to do the Notre Dame round.
Calvin: cool, what time?
Alex: replies with the meet up time.

Alex texts Megan and asks her to meet her early and they go to the movies. They see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Afterwards Megan asks Alex if Calvin spoke to Gina. She relates that Gina is freaking out, that she’s gutted because she won’t get to travel and stuff.
Megan: so when’s Calvin going to be here?
Alex: I dunno, he said he’d meet us there. He’s looking for Gina I guess.
Megan: So they talked last night right?
A: Yes and then she took off.

Meanwhile, Calvin is looking for Gina but having trouble finding her. She seems to have left her phone in the house, so he can’t call her. He calls the security company that operates the GPS on the family cars. He does an impression of his father to get the information without having to call the insurance company. It nearly doesn’t work until he brings out the angry rich man stuff, complains about his wayward son taking the car and threatens to take his business elsewhere. The GPS company guy relents. The car she took is down by the railway station.

Calvin heads down and finds the car apparently abandoned, a parking ticket on the windscreen. There is no sign of Gina. He goes over the road to a diner and asks at the counter if the guy saw the girl who parked that car. The guy says that he did but that he was distracted by a customer and didn’t see where she went.
Diner guy: Is everything ok?

In the railway station he looks around but doesn’t see her. He tries showing the ticket booth person a photo of Gina on his phone but they don’t remember seeing her.

Megan: Gina and Calvin, they were really close right, I mean, if she’s anything like the one in the real world. I mean, they dated for quite a while, right?
Alex: yeah.
M: he’s got her best interests at heart, right?
A: Yeah. I forgot that Calvin went out with Gina for that long.
M: Yeah, like how you and Mason were together.
A: Me and Mason. Mm.
M: So Calvin, when are we expecting him? Has he texted back?
Alex had her phone turned off during the movies and turns it back on to see some missed calls and a text from Calvin: Gina’s gone.

Megan: why don’t you just call him?
A: Yeah. I’ll just call him.

Calvin answers: yeah?
Alex: I just got your message, sorry, we were at the movies.
Calvin: right well, I don’t know what to do. I mean, she’s gone. The car was at the railway station and no one’s seen her.
A: do you think this is something that someone did to her?
C: No. I think she just left.
A: Ah.
C: I’m just kinda freaked out you know? I mean, I guess it’s her choice but…
Alex: should we come over?
Calvin: I…for..? Weren’t you going patrolling?
A: Yeah. See ya. (she hangs up)

Alex and Megan talk for a bit about various ways Megan might be able to use the power of the internets to locate Gina. They decide to go back to her place to research. Alex texts on the way to let Calvin know that the patrol is off. He asks why and says he’ll meet them at Megan’s. Megan is busy typing when the doorbell rings so Alex goes down to open the door.

Calvin: Hey.
Alex: Hi.
They look at each other. Alex opens the door a bit wider and then moves aside so that he can come in. He moves inside.
Alex: so we’re not having much luck.
Calvin: right.
He stands for a moment longer, looking freaked.
Megan upstairs: There’s soda in the fridge!
They move through into the kitchen. Calvin leans in to Alex, as if to give her a kiss but she turns away and pours herself a glass of water. Calvin leans against the sink. They are silent for a while.
Alex: so we should probably go upstairs.
C: yeah.

Upstairs Alex sits on the bed, then realises there’s no other seats so jumps up and leans against the wall instead. Calvin sits on the bed. Megan suggests that perhaps Darius should do the location spell but Alex points out that Darius should recover first.
Calvin: Maybe she doesn’t want to be found, you know?
Megan: I kind of thought of that before. But then if we don’t find her and then we destroy the mirror then she’ll die.
C: Look, she knows what will happen. She knows where we live, you know, if she changes her mind.
M: I don’t think I could do it, I don’t think I could break the mirror if I knew Gina was on this side.
Calvin hangs his head.
M: Maybe there’s something else we could do.
They talk about the possibilities of the bazork gun, reasoning that it might at least hold Evil Megan still while they try and…do something.

Alex pushes herself off the wall, tells Megan to keep on doing what she’s doing and then says ‘well, I’m going patrolling’ and leaves. Calvin sits there, kind of stumped. Megan types a bit more then says ‘you’re not going with her?’
C: Uh…yeah. ‘course.
He leaves.

Megan researches dimensional stuff, the bazorker gun and tries to work out some thing she could make that might help them fight Evil Megan.

Calvin chases after Alex. She is striding purposefully away, with purpose.
Calvin: Look, if you want to just forget everything that happened last night…I’ll understand. (beat) I won’t be happy, but I’ll understand.
Alex goes quiet: I don’t want to.
Calvin: OK…
Alex throws her arms around her and cries her eyes out. For a long time. Calvin, who is surprised and confused, hugs her comfortingly and pats her back. You can see that he is completely freaked out. After a long time he speaks.
Calvin: do you…wanna talk about it?
Alex pulls back and wipes her eyes: To be honest, I wouldn’t have a clue what to say.
C: So…do you want to go and kill some vampires?
A:…probably a good idea.

In the cemetery Calvin and Alex walk, not saying anything. Two newbie vamps appear and attack them.
Alex throws the holy water over one vampire, then follows up with a punch, it goes reeling.
Calvin swings at the other vampire with his axe and it goes Hella wide, embedding into a tree. He swears and tries to pull it back out.
Vampire: You seem to be having some trouble, you want me to come back later?
Calvin: fuck off.
He punches the vampire in the gut, which doesn’t seem to bother it that much.
Vamp: Besides I was kidding. (Leaps at Calvin with vamp face on.)
Calvin swings again and misses, the vamp ducks under his arm and tackles him to the ground. It turns out that the vamp is Marcus, a kid from school who Calvin has always hated. Calvin ends up on his back, staring up at the handle of his axe which is embedded in the tree above his head, out of reach.

Alex sweeps her vamp’s legs out from under him and knocks him down, the vamp tries to grapple her down but she dodges, then she stakes him through the heart.
Vamp: ah, that really h…(dusts)

Calvin tries to fight Marcus off but can’t manage it, the vamp is a lot stronger than he is. Marcus bites Calvin in the base of the neck/shoulder drinking his blood. Calvin cries out in pain.
Marcus the vamp: Not so smart now are you?
Alex slam tackles Marcus off Calvin and grapples with him, trying to get a hold of him. He headbutts her, and she loses her grip. She kicks at his head, trying to knock him out.
Marcus: Ah you bitch, that hurt!
Marcus yanks the axe out of the tree and turns to face Alex, looking intimidating.
Calvin: don’t call her that!

Calvin tackles Marcus from behind, he isn’t knocked over, but he’s down on one knee. Alex spin kicks him in the head which doesn’t knock him out but stuns him. She follows up with a stake but he knocks it aside with the axe. His movements are hampered by Calvin who is kinda clinging to his back, grabbing at his arm to get the axe of him.
Marcus swings his axe back, trying to hit Alex with the handle. He connects with her neck.
Calvin searches around, grabs a recently chopped up branch. He manages to stake the vampire through the heart from behind and dusts it. Alex and Calvin stare at each other for a moment. Her face is bloodied, his neck is seeping blood. Alex tears the sleeve off her shirt and uses it to cover Calvin’s wound, putting pressure on it to stop the bleeding.

Calvin: who knew Marcus was a vampire.
Alex: I guess it’s going around.
C: I didn’t even remember hearing that he wasn’t at school any more.
A: It seemed easier last night.
C: It was a lot easier last night.
Awkward silence.
C: you’re gonna want to get cleaned up before you go home.
A: Yes. A lot of things were easier last night.
C: Yeah, for you maybe…I mean, you’re not the easiest person to approach you know?
A: Yeah, I guess.
C: So…
A: It’s just hard, because you make me feel something. Which in the last couple of months I’ve been avoiding.
A: and despite the vampires and the fact we’re in a cemetery, you make me feel like things are normal. So, yeah.
C (false cheer): well, come on then. You need to get cleaned up.
A: Yeah.

On the way back to her house she remembers that she told her parents that she was staying at Megan’s. Calvin remains silent. Alex squeezes her eyes shut ‘can I have a shower at your place?’ Calvin nods and they drive back there. While she’s in the shower Calvin goes to find Martha. Martha is sitting in a room, silent, staring out the window at the night. When she sees Calvin she acts normally though, and gives him some spare clothes for Alex to wear.

Alex comes out of the shower and goes into Calvin’s room wearing a bathrobe. She sees him holding a pile of clean clothes for her and sits down, patting the bed next to her. He sits. She leans over and rests her head on his shoulder (not the injured one) and he puts his arm around her. They don’t say anything.

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