Things I Love Thursday – Power cut edition

Wellington had a massive three sub-stations down power cut this afternoon, lasting over an hour. We got to come home early from work, which was awesome.

I also enjoyed: seeing police officers controlling the traffic at the big intersections, speculating with workmates about how soon looting will start, the candles in Hashigo Zake to light the stairs (didn’t drink there though since I had no cash) and the general oddness of something massive going wrong. I like to blame the cut on Godzilla, or the monsters from The Event. Haven’t seen any of them though.

Writers interview Skip McDoole

I really love the 48 hour film competition for these reasons: hanging out with my amazingly creative friends, messing around behind the scenes, creating new bizarre in-jokes, writing something that then gets filmed and edited, seeing it on the big screen (tonight!) and the sense of everyone coming together to do something fun.

My new Threadless shirts. My black Zombie foodchain one has got a lot of comments and is snuggly and warm. I’m wearing it’s toile about you tonight and in the photo above you can see part of the secretly geeky Darwin shirt as well.

Random weird internet stuff: Nimoy Sunset Pie, Sleeveface and Cleolinda’s Pallas Cat photos. Adorkable.

Tim Bronson wrote another awesome article What do you really really want? I like to be inspired by him.

Honourable Mentions: 2 for 1 Steak night at Four Kings. OMG. Such good steak. Talking to my Mum for 45 minutes and laughing so much I cry, new awesome books to read, rewatching the Lord of the Rings movies, in character roleplaying dreams that are so real I wake myself up from them, Pretty photos of Kirsten Dunst, messing about with facebook roleplaying, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, hot baths, ice cream and new music downloads from

How about you guys? Thankful much?


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – Power cut edition

  1. Your Pallas cats linkage gave me much joy ^^

    -Getting more sorted at home each day
    -Friends dropping by (after textage)
    -high quality hugs
    -Tuis and Moreporks at home

  2. 1) Link of joy this week: The Most Badass Alphabet Ever

    2) Learning a new word- Omnomnomnomatopoeia- a food whose name is spelled like the noise you make eating it (for explanation see here)

    3) Protocol Z, which sadly didn’t get passed at the NZ Larps SGM, but was still wonderful.

    4) New veggies in my greenhouse that might even grow, and the massive crop of serendipitous tomatoes in the back garden (we didn’t know there were any edible plants there until they exploded with surprise tomatoes!)

    I am definitely not thankful for the powercut, as I had almost finished a typing job that took me 2 hours when the computer lost power and all my work. Which was a bit of a save-fail on my part, but still. Annoying. And it says a lot about the journey home that it took half an hour to go down a hill one block, and up the opposite hill one block.

  3. Love that badass alphabet!

    -Friends who bring feijoas
    -Bonus gaming night to look forward to on Sunday
    -Potted Pansies
    -Finding a way to work a picture of great Cthulu into my monthly lab Health and Safety training session
    -Multiple regression
    -Reading ‘Paddington Helps Out’ (I thought mostly to J, but T has become obsessed with ‘Something Nasty in the Kitchen’, in which Paddington attempts to cook dumplings)… the Browns do a lot of exclaiming throughout… exclamations on almost every page… perhaps Paddington has that effect?

    And, always and forever, my wee boys!

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