One little thing

Here’s one little thing you can try to ensure that you are only doing things in your life that you really want to be doing.

No more yes. It’s either no or Hell yeah!

Basically, if you aren’t super excited to do it, say no. Then you free up more time to those things that you are super excited about.


3 thoughts on “One little thing

  1. Hell yeah! I’d love to disinfect the potty… Hell yeah! I can’t wait to hang 3 loads of washing out… Hell yeah! I want to st my alarm for 6:07 every weekend for storytime… Hell yeah! I’m mad keen to stand in the drizzle at Monrad Park at 8:30 on Saturday morning? Hell yeah! I’m going to two birthday parties! And while I’m at it I feel like making my ex-husband his favourite cake with “Happy Birthday Daddy” on it…

    *LOL* Okay… I started that rant about how that doesn’t really work for me and feeling bitterly resentful because (apart from gaming tonight) I had quite a stressful weekend, but by the end I was thinking about why I did that stuff, and actually… “Hell yeah!” I want to be the best Mum I can, even if sometimes the specifics kind of suck!

  2. I think it’s a really good philosophy, but a good idea is to consider exactly what you’re saying ‘hell yes’ or ‘no’ to. For example, are you responding to someone’s charisma, or the idea itself?

    Also, there are a lot of things in life that we are not going to enjoy, and the thought of them is unpleasant, but they’re ultimately good for us. Those things are hard to feel ‘hell yes’ about, but worth doing.

  3. LOL Karen, I guess I should have made it clearer that the choice is something you make about stuff and experiences you’re asked to do, not all the stuff you *have* to do…

    Suraya: good point, something to bear in mind.

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