Wednesday Writing

Feeling good this week. Finally kicked the ass of my Pestilence story (Now called, I think rather temptingly “He could be a super villain”) and submitted it to a magazine. It’s a non-paying zine, but exposure is exposure. Not sure how long it will take them to get back to me but it’s out of my hands now anyway.

I also went through a few chapters of Rain and edited and adjusted. I will do some more of that this evening maybe. Went out for some retail therapy and bought new slippers and a soap dish. Also, Too Cheap has tiny hats now. I bought a white one. $3.90.

Um, writing though. I’m getting back into the swing of things, which is a relief, although I have enjoyed these weeks ‘off’ it’s nice to know that I haven’t lost all my abilities. Ha ha. Um, excuse me, nervous laughter there. Ahem. Apparently I was quite worried on a low level somewhere deep down.


A YA writer whose book is about calling a version of yourself, younger, asks Twitter what would you tell yourself in high school? Selected highlights including Neil Gaiman’s, but you can see them all by looking up the gimmeacall hashtag on Twitter.

Some stuff that middle grade kids love in stories.

I got a lot out of this article which gives permission to take a break. Made me feel a lot better.

A rather cutesy-wutesy but kind of useful article about negotiating with the idea fairy.

Also, you might like to consider spending ten minutes or so re-writing this handy quick submission template and submitting it to the Government. If, that is, you oppose the mining of our National Parks. If you don’t care then don’t bother.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. “If, that is, you oppose the mining of our National Parks. If you don’t care then don’t bother. ”

    Or if you care but don’t necessarily oppose it. I mean, the last govt gave out plenty of mining contracts in conservation land and the world hasn’t ended. I would *like* more info on it before reacting, though – which particular bits are they proposing to mine? Schedule 4 is the general thing, sure, but WHICH bits? I mean, is someone proposing to whack a drilling rig in the centre of the Takahe habitat, or is it something relatively undamaging? It’s pretty crap that that info doesn’t seem to be out in the wider world yet – it means that the general public can only make decisions along political, rather than practical, lines.

    Hope the submission goes well – and yeah, even non paying mags have to be looked at by the right folk, I reckon, scouting out new potential talent.

  2. On the Green’s site it lists these places:
    – Te Ahumata Plateau on Great Barrier Island
    – Sections of conservation land on the Coromandel peninsula
    – Otahu & Parakawai Ecological Areas in the Coromandel
    – The Inangahua sector of Paparoa National Park on the South Island’s West Coast

    which isn’t terribly specific but it’s a start.

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