Things I Love Thursday

New poster

Buying things off Felt! This reprint of a WW2 British ‘comfort’ poster was off there.

I have a growing obsession with The Big Bang Theory. Lee and I are nearly finished watching season 2. Can’t wait to get to Wil Wheaton. I am pleased to find this website Sheldon Shirts, because I frequently want Sheldon’s shirts. I’m also pleased with the idea that I can cosplay Femme!Leonard now with my new glasses. If I should want to. Which I kinda do. I love Leonard and Raj the best, character wise, but Sheldon is very sweet when he wants ‘soft kitty’ sung to him.

OMG a 48hour magazine? I am so submitting to this. Awesome fun.

I want home made pop tarts. They look awesome.

My new glasses! I got them for free with a facebook promotion from clearly contacts. I just entered in my prescription, chose the frames and a couple of weeks later I got new glasses! I’m really enjoying them. I’ve been told I look more intelligent, more like a writer, called Lisa Loeb and Catwoman.

Honourable Mentions: New spotty boot slippers from Cotton On, shopping at Lush, steaming my face with a toner tab from Lush, personal librarians, pretty flowers from my mum, new Glee, Supernatural and BBC’s Life, good books, lovely friends, Kick-Ass the movie, naps, weird dreams, Lemon Ale, Peachee, home made pizza and slow cooked tacos. Oh, and another session of Fall tomorrow, heading into the end of the season. Plus superhero silliness roleplaying on Monday and working on the superhero LARP Paul and I are writing.

What are you thankful for this lovely Thursday?


7 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I sang Soft Kitty to Freyja all the time when she was littler. We too ❤ BBT. Linkie to Sheldon Shirts makes Jas a happy panda.

    glasses look luvly 🙂

  2. Seriously cute – the shape is great for your face (emphasises eyes and brows in a really nice way), and the pattern and white edge softens the severity of thick black frames. Heh. “more intelligent” is a bit of a backhander, dontcha think?

    Sheldon Shirts is *win*. BBT is pretty great. The writers keep narrowing the parameters of Sheldon’s character, which *could* be seen as detrimental, but I enjoy him so much that the stranger he is, the more I laugh. Raj is pretty great, and I gotta say, one thing I really like about the show is that Penny, while being the token girl (other than occasional guest appearances – it’s kind of necessary given that a big part of the point of the show is how alien women are to the guys), and also being The Hot Girl, is a total slob who’ll schlep around in these laundry-day outfits unless she’s going out – ie she’s pretty normal, rather than always having to be Dressed Up Cos She’s Hot. Best guest character is a tie between Leonard’s mum and Lesley Winkle.

  3. Love the glasses!

    Things I love this week:
    My best friend for sending me the link to this website:
    (A comic artist who does strips about art and literature).

    Burger Fuel.

    The prospect of Shakespeare:The Musical, How To Train Your Dragon, and Iron Man 2, all in one weekend!

    Moving my office furniture around- I can now see out of the office!

    The Gloves for Service Men pattern from the 2nd World War which I’m currently knitting up for a friend. Very strict, very easy-to-follow.

    Amphigori for telling me about Fabrics Direct’s Deal Table- pretty mauve fabric for a Regency coat? $2 per metre? WIN!

  4. (Oh, and honourable mentions for Professor River Song, and ‘The Hammer of the Gods’, my favourite episode of Supernatural Season 5 thus far-
    ‘An elephant? Really?’
    ‘I’m tellin’ you, man, full-on Babar!’)

  5. Not Thursday, but…
    -Walk in the sunshine to the esplanade… autumn crocuses, yummy latte and watching people in the cafe (an elderly group of lean, keen cyclists with all the gear… skinny legs and paddy bums, families with young kids… a toddler who roared at me, groups of friends all happy eating in the sun)
    -Eliminating negative beliefs thing ( ) that I tried via this post of Steve’s ( ), which really seems to work!
    -getting MAF audit out of the way for 6 months with some stuff to do but no big bads
    -Much needed good night’s sleep and time to myself to think and plan (stolen from my stats assignment, but hey)…

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