Fall actual play report – “Set them up”

First thing Monday morning. Darius is being discharged from hospital, he phones Alex because of how her parents are on his records and everything.
A: Darius, hey, how are you feeling?
D: They’re discharging me from hospital, but I just realised that they won’t let me drive.
Darius seems chipper although he is feeling pretty miserable. Alex tells him that of course they’ll come and collect him.
Alex is at Megan’s, having sneaked back over there in the night.
Megan: So should we call Calvin?
Alex: Yeah. That is what I will do.
She goes out into the hallway and calls Calvin, who agrees immediately to swing by and collect them and then pick up Darius from the hospital.

Megan: Are you alright? Alex said you got badly injured last night.
Calvin: It’s just a vampire bite.

They pick up Darius from the hospital.
Darius: So what have I missed?
Alex: Nothing.
Calvin: Gina went missing.
Darius: Could she have been kidnapped or something?
C: I don’t think so. She was excited to go travelling and she went travelling.
D: Does she know she’s going to die?
A: Yeah, Calvin told her.
C: Yeah.
M: But we can’t do anything, not if she’s going to die.
C: She made her choice.

Calvin leaves the others at Darius’s house, Darius is of course staying home to recover but Alex and Megan are heading to school, Calvin doesn’t go to join them.
Megan: You’re not going to school?
Calvin: No, I have some stuff to do.
M: Do you need help, like is it this kind of stuff?
C: No.

Calvin goes home and finds Martha in one of the house’s studies. She sitting at a table with a bunch of law books she has glasses on and is flicking through them, ostensibly catching up on her school reading. Calvin crosses the room and sits down at the table, interrupting her. He doesn’t say anything.
Martha checks her watch: Shouldn’t you be in school?
Calvin: Yeah…are you OK?
Martha: …I’m getting by. I guess I don’t have to tell you, the world’s a different place than it was a year ago.
C: Yeah it is.
M: So, what makes you ask?
C: When I got in last night you were sitting in the dark staring at the wall.
M: I’ve had a lot to think about recently.
She talks a little about how weird it is to have big spaces of time she can’t remember, plus Calvin’s weird friend’s memories. You can see that she is working through it but it’s hard for her. She deflects the attention.
M: So what about you, how many vampires have you fought in the last week?
C (counts for a moment): I guess about 8.
M: how safe is that?
C: Well, I guess it’s not. But if we don’t do something about it, those vampires are out there killing innocent people. Plus, Alex has super powers so we have that advantage.
M: I can see that. I mean, I knew a few slayers, but they didn’t have…so many friends helping them, that didn’t have powers.
M: I just worry. Let’s talk about this, how long are you going to do this? What’s your plan? What do you see in a year? Will I be mourning the loss of my brother?
C: To be honest, I don’t plan ahead. I just do this because…it’s…good?
M: I admire that. But maybe you need to think things through.
Martha big-sisters Calvin by suggesting ways he could protect himself, training etc. He is unable to resist the big sister-ness and is given much advice. He is also unable to ask her anything else that he may have been planning to. (Big sisters are sneaky like this.)

Darius, at home, is researching spells that could be useful in defeating Evil Megan. He finds an energy barrier spell that requires two witches to cast or he could spend a few hours drawing a complicated mystic circle.

After school Alex is outside in the sun by the entrance steps, Megan and Calvin show up. Megan notices that Calvin is looking kind of stunned and serious.
Megan: You OK?
Calvin (stormily): Yes.

They turn up at Darius’s house where there’s a huge stack of books on magic, with notes beside them.
Darius: The point was made that maybe I should know a little bit more about magic.
Megan: what are we going to do about finding Gina?
Alex: Look, if she doesn’t want to be found, we should just let her go.
M: Did she leave the cellphone in the car?
C: No.
A: She left it in Calvin’s house.
M: I think we kind of have to find her, I mean I don’t want her to die. I have a real problem with that.
Calvin gets up and walks out of the room without saying anything.
Alex argues with them a bit longer, pointing out that if Gina has left it might mean that she didn’t want to make the choice. Megan and Darius aren’t convinced that she knew the full ramifications of that choice or that she left of her own free will. They think that she could have been kidnapped. Alex gets up and goes to find Calvin.

Calvin is staring moodily into the middle distance.*
Alex: Are you OK?
C: I don’t know why they can’t let it go.
A: do you want to talk about it?
C: I really don’t.
A, going to leave: Ok, well, I’ll just-
C: But we should talk.
A: OK…
C: About what’s going on, with us.

Megan and Darius are still inside.
D: what’s wrong with Calvin?
M: Well, we keep talking about Gina and how she’s going to die. But we can’t just let her die!
D: No, we have to find her.
They start trying to figure out a way to locate Gina.

Back out in the garden of emo…
A: I’ve seen how things go with you, with the girls you date. I don’t want to be one of those girls that you just move on from.
C: You’re not. I’m not good at talking about this kind of thing. But if you want to. We can.
A: You brought it up, so let’s talk.
C: Alright. You seem to be freaking out about it.
A: Yeah. Because it was so unexpected.
C: Yeah.
A: And there’s other factors. Namely Mason.(neither of them say anything for a while.) And it was so unexpected.
C: Yeah, I’m sorry about that.
A: What are you sorry about?
C: Well, I just got into a habit. I mean, I’ve been a jerk to you.
A: You’re not any more.
C: Right, but…Back when you were with Mason it was the only way you’d talk to me. If I bugged you. And it kind of became a habit and I can’t…I don’t mean it.
A thinks about that: Yeah, I can see that. So. What do you want?

Back inside.
Megan: so we could break in to the railway station and look at the tapes, because it’s so old fashioned that’s the only way you can see the security footage or you could cast that ‘find named spell’ and try and find her that way.
Darius: I don’t think I’m strong enough.
M: You could teach me how to do it.
(Sophie: Nooooooo! This is how it all starts!)
D: No, I can probably do that one. I’m feeling OK now.

Back outside…
Alex: What do you want? Out of nowhere you tell me…what you said…and it’s just so confusing.
Calvin: What do I want? (He takes a step closer to her, looks her in the eyes.) Alex, you’re really strong. Like, stronger than anyone I’ve ever met, and you’re beautiful and I just want to be there for you. Help you to do what you do.
Alex looks a little gooey and says: That’s probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.
Calvin: OK, so. Can we kiss now?
Megan: So guys!
Megan and Darius come out of the house. Alex spins around to face them Calvin takes a quick step back.
Megan: We thought we’d do the ‘find named’ spell to track down Gina.
Alex: Leave it alone, she doesn’t want to found alright?
Megan: But we can’t just let her die!
Alex: Look this isn’t about your guilt!
Megan: Yes it is!
Calvin: Gina knows where we live, if she changes her mind she’ll come back.
Megan: Not if she’s dead.
Calvin: Time’s short, we have other things to deal with. There are other people from the mirror world in town right now right?
Darius: Yeah, with the incredibly powerful witch.
C: who we are gonna have to deal with at some point.

The gang talks for a while about possibly strategies, eventually deciding that the best candidate for guinea pig from the mirror world is evil Xavier.
Alex: I’m evil Xavier right?
D: You are?
M: You are?
A: Hypothetically speaking.
D & M: ahhhhh…
A: none of the Fallen were in school today, right? So where will they be?
C: The Hams?
A: Xavier’s house
C: The Limit?
Alex: Megan and Darius, you stay here, and research, and me and Calvin will go scout around.
Megan: what?
Darius: what are we researching?
Darius starts talking about spells that might help. Alex talks to Darius about how he nearly died with magic, and how he shouldn’t do any magic that he doesn’t have to. They argue a little. Calvin and Alex go to drive around the likely places and scout for Xavier et al. Megan and Darius do the ritual to protect the house. Darius spends some time sketching around his house laying the boundaries for the protective spell.

Alex and Calvin drive to the Ham’s house. It looks deserted. Calvin is having some trouble with the gear stick on Darius’s car and hasn’t looked at the house.
Alex: That’s weird.
Calvin: Huh?
A: No cars, two days worth of mail building up, spilling out of the box.
Nothing at Xavier’s house either.
They head to The Limit. ‘Closed for renovation’ is written on a piece of paper on the door. They skirt around the building and notice the van from Saturday night parked out the back. They notice a face appear at the window, Alex grabs Calvin and they start kissing to hide why they’re there. About a half hour later they remember that they came there for a reason. They head back to Darius’s house to report back.

His house is covered in chalk drawings, symbols for the protection spell. Alex asks what it’s about and Darius says its just a barrier spell, so they have some protection if Evil Megan comes back.
Calvin: Why would she come back here?
Megan: It’ll be be good to have somewhere to hide.
Alex: We need to lure Xavier out.
Calvin: what does he like?
No one really knows. Calvin points out that none of Evil Megan or her lackeys seemed to care particularly about the gang when they had just come through, so they probably aren’t considered a threat.

Calvin calls Martha to ask if she’s heard from Gina, she hasn’t. She asks if something’s wrong and Calvin says vaguely that there’s some stuff going on and to let him know if she hears anything. Before hanging up Martha tells him to take care.

The gang go to check out the Ham’s house, check out if there’s any likely magical books left over. The mail is all post marked a couple of days ago. Calvin picks the lock on the door and gets them in, the security system beeps and he starts disarming it. Megan jumps in and assists, pointing stuff out with her electronics knowledge. Together they get it disarmed and they all go in.

Heading straight for where he remembers seeing the books, Calvin picks the lock on the cabinet and there’s a magical booby trap. He gets zapped up his arm with green fire. There’s a loud crackling noise and he falls down, stunned.
Darius: Dude, are you alright?
Calvin: Yeah, I’m fine. Just you know, zapped.
D: I’m so glad I don’t have to do mouth to mouth on you.
C: Me too
D: Because you couldn’t ask Megan or Alex to do it.
D: Or maybe you could.
Calvin gets up. Megan and Darius try to see if there’s some other way into the cabinet, like round the back or something. Alex approaches Calvin.
Alex: are you OK?
Calvin: Yeah, just got zapped.
A: You sure?
C: Yeah, it was just like an electric shock.
A: Because it was a big noise…
A: I’m good. I’m still standing.

The gang check out the rest of the house, starting with the basement. There is a large stone block there which appears to have been repainted many times. The whole basement is very clean. On one wall there is an empty long clothes rack, which perhaps recently held robes. There’s also a fridge and empty animal cages.

They find weird coins which seem to have been used for augury and seeing the future. From the other stuff that they find around it appears that the family has skipped town. The bedrooms look like someone’s packed up and left. By the phone Megan finds a hospital bill for William, getting a rib fixed and black eye, etc. Alex makes the connection from the dates that it would have been a fight with super-strong Xavier. There’s a letter that says “For the slayer”. Megan hands it to Alex.

Inside it says “Look in the garage. You owe me.” They head out to the garage and there, in a cage is a sleeping black lab. He leaps up and barks when he sees them, and responds to Darius. His collar is black and studded and has crosses on it. It’s the mirror world version of Darius’s dog, Nebby.
Alex: We can take him to Haruni.
D: But you said he was going to torture him,
A: no, he’s not going to hurt him, he just said that Gina might get damp.
C: Stained.
A: Right. And Nebby is black, his fur can’t get stained!

Cars pull up outside the Ham’s house and they escape out the back way. They start driving back into town. Alex suggests that they drop her at the Limit so she can scout around, see if she can find the mirror.
Darius: By yourself?
Calvin: that doesn’t seem very safe.
But they don’t all need to take the dog to Haruni so Alex is dropped off.
She can see into The Limit from the high windows. It seems like its been set up like The Sky was. There are several people and creatures moving about inside, including the yellow spiny demons they saw in Mirror World. A couple of times she has to duck down to prevent being seen by the guards that are walking around the catwalks.

In the back seat of Calvin’s car Darius stops singing the ‘going to visit the Haruni song’ to cast ‘repeat after me’ so that he and Nebby can communicate.
Nebby: Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!
Darius: Nebby, do you remember the people who brought you here?
Nebby: Yes!
Darius: Do you know how this place is different to where you were before?
Nebby: Yes!
Darius: Those people who brought you here…
Nebby: Yes!
Calvin: Do you like riding in the car?
Nebby: Yes!

Darius goes quiet all of a sudden thinking about how this Nebby will have to go back to the Mirror World or die when they close the mirror. They park and get out, take the path or Haruni’s cave.

As they approach Haruni’s there are some pulsing green lights in crystals. They scan over the gang and then turn purple.
Darius pets Nebby: you stay here.
Nebby: Yeah, three heads.
Everyone: …

Haruni’s TV is showing Donald Trump this time. Nebby tries to flee. Haruni asks them what they’ve brought to him this time. They try and explain about pets and Haruni doesn’t really get it. He brings Nebby fish on a stick and puts it on the table.
Nebby disappointed because he’s not allowed on the table: awwww.
Darius puts the food onto the ground so he can get at it. Nebby then eats the fish and gets the fish bones stuck in his throat.
Nebby: ow. ow. ow. ow.

Haruni creates a wire sphere, his hands moving quickly and surely. He sticks several crystals onto the outside. Then he taps the mesh and creates a doorway which looks big enough for Nebby to stand inside. Darius convinces Nebby to go into the mesh. Haruni twists the crystals around until the colours all pulse at the same time. He takes another device and then twists parts of the handle. “Ah, I have it. Yes.” He hands the device to Calvin. “This device should close the mirror. What you will need to do is direct the sharpened point into the mirror and push it in. The magical charge should open the mirror enough to allow it in. The spike will seal the mirror and trap the energies inside.”
Calvin: So, stick the pointy bit in the mirror and leave it. Got it.
Megan: And the people left on this side, they’ll be killed?
Haruni: Yes, unless they have been here for long enough to become attuned to the vibrations of this dimension.
Calvin: How long would they have to have been here for that to happen?
Haruni shrugs: a few months.
Calvin perks up, since it has been a few months since Gina came through with them.

Calvin, Darius and Megan take the stick of portal closing back to the car and head back to Darius’s where Alex is waiting. Alex catches them up on what she saw at The Limit.
Darius: why have they gone back to the Hams?
Alex: for the books? For Harry? Or maybe for William.
Calvin: or all of the above.
Alex: I know that some of you aren’t gonna like this statement but I think we should go back there now. We have the weapon, we know where they are.
Megan: Do we know where the mirror is?
Alex: I didn’t see it
Darius: In the other world, where did Megan hang out?
Calvin: In that room upstairs.
D: That’s where it will be.

With no other better plans, the gang pack into the car and head to The Limit for the big showdown.

(Cliffhanger ending! Next time is the last episode of the season! Will our heroes survive?)

*Jenni’s notes on playing Calvin: when did Calvin get so emo? Answer: when all these complicated girls came into his life.

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