My writing progress update

It’s been a pretty good writing week for me, no editing done to speak of but I have my short story mojo back. On Sunday night I read something on the creepy/ghosty/supernatural/bizarro livejournal community I belong to which inspired a short story that scared the crap out of me while I was writing it. Which, yeah, is dumb, but at the same time kind of awesome. I mean, if I can scare myself just making it up hopefully it will be spooky to read as well. I just typed it up and it came to just under 2000 words. Nice.

I also typed up (most of) a short story I wrote about a month ago based on some prompts from Matt (Inappropriately dressed video store clerk, Hallowe’en, antique mask, snow) which I’m pretty happy with except I don’t have an ending for it yet. I’m either going to go with a fake out or wholesale slaughter and I just can’t pick which. I have a vote each way after asking the question on twitter…any thoughts here? I worry that slaughter is too predictable and that a fake out would be unsatisfying to read.

Today I spent some time in Te Papa, because it was a shiny sunny day but cold and I like to wander around there to get inspiration. It worked beautifully and I came away with four story starters. Plus there’s a neat new wall of coral up by the Blood, Fire and Earth exhibit. You should go and look.

In addition to all that I spent a few hours with Paul on Sunday brainstorming ideas for our Superhero LARP and we’re nearly ready to release a list of characters and start casting. I say start casting. We actually already have four players matched to characters so it’s started already.


The seven deadly sins for if you’re a first chapter.

A back to basics article (first in a series) about how to query an agent.

Also, this:


7 thoughts on “My writing progress update

  1. I *challenge* you to find a third option for your short story that is neither fake-out nor wholesale slaughter!

  2. Thanks for the challenge Steve, there must be a third option out there somewhere.

    Did your monster icon ever have gravitas?

  3. I’m sure of it. Perhaps it’s cos I’m signing in from a new computer. And *this* comment will be from a third computer. Let us apply the scientific method to determine where the gravitas has gone …

  4. I’m pretty sure the monster is determined by which email address you use rather than what computer you’re logging in through.

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